13 November 2012 (Tuesday) - Poorly Pup

Fudge slept a lot yesterday evening. When I get up most mornings the sound of me coming downstairs wakes him and he looks up so see me and greets me with a wag of his tail. This morning he carried on snoring as I walked through the kitchen. that was not like him. He was still asleep after I finished my morning ablutions and was eventually woken by the sounds of me generally clattering about the kitchen.
He got up, pootled a bit, and then was sick. Twice. I've been worrying all day about that little dog. I suspect that he probably ate something yesterday that disagreed with him. Probably fox, sheep, cow or horse poo.

To work where I did my bit, and then home via the Chrisery where we watched another episode of "Merlin", which is surprisingly good. Kenneth Cranham guest starred in tonight's episode, and we had an entertaining ten minutes trying to work out how many films in which he starred as a character without a full quota of limbs.
And so home, to find Fudge hadn't eaten at all. He even turned his nose up at yoghurt, which is quite unlike him. If things don't improve soon there will be a trip to the vets for that little dog.

Here's something to make you think. I've always maintained tha the average man in the street is a bit of a thickie, but now science would agree with me. It would seem that intelligence was developed as an evolutionary necessity to deal with the rigours of a hostile world. But now with modern society things are somewhat easier than they were when we had to out-smart sabre-toothed tigers. The theory is that humanity reached its intellectual peak some four thousand years ago. Which probably explains why I think that rummaging in the undergrowth looking for tupperware containers is a good thing.
The sponsorship for my chops is moving on apace, for which I am grateful. If any of my loyal readers would like to give a bit, there is still time. As always, http://uk.movember.com/mospace/184961 and give whatever you can spare.
In just over two weeks I can shave the thing off. Those three weeks can't go quick enough...

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