15 November 2012 (Thursday) - Dull

Yesterday was bright and sunny. Today was dull and foggy. Over the last week or so I've done so much; walks with friends, been to places I've never seen before, watched new TV shows with some of the best people I've ever met, time with my daughter, time with my dog.
Today was dull.
I was planning to have gone to a party this evening; my nephew is eighteen years old today. There was a surprise party planned for him. I had hoped to get along, but the intricacies of swapping my shifts made it rather impractical. Which was a shame.

With "er indoors TM" off to the gathering I had resigned myself to coming home to an empty house. But I came home from work to find my dog waiting for me. He was chomping on a chew stick when I came home which was a good thing. Once we'd had a little fussing he then ate some of his tea, and once I'd had my tea he helped my finish my yoghurt; something he'd not shown any interest in for the last two days. He then sat on my lap and we both slept through a film the description of which was a lot more interesting than the reality.

I had something of a shock with my chops today - some colleagues didn't understand the whole Mo-Vember thing and thought I was growing it seriously. They have now said they will sponsor it. If any of my loyal readers would like to give a bit, there is still time. As always, please click here and give whatever you can spare.
In two weeks and one day I can shave the thing off. The time can't go quick enough...

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