22 June 2012 (Friday) - More Stuff

A late start, so I had a bit of a lie in. Or that was the plan. I dozed fitfully from 4am till 7.30am. And because it was time to get up I fell into quite a deep sleep. Why couldn't I have done that at 4am?
I got up, and over brekkie I did an on-line survey about beer. Once a subject very close to my heart, it was surprising how out of touch with the stuff I have become. Which is probably for the best, and also probably why I'm only three quarters of the man I used to be. Talking of which - I had a look on the website that I use to count calories today. I have eleven people on their listed as my "friends". Only three of these people seem to log in with any regularity, and some haven't logged in for months. It's no fun doing this calorie counting on my own. (Mind you it's no fun doing calorie counting at all...)

As I drove to work I listened to Desert Island Discs. An odd radio show - everyone has heard of it; everyone knows the format (a celebrity chooses their favourite eight pieces of music), but few people actually listen to it. It's a program which can be as fascinating as it can be dull; depending who the castaway is. Today the program featured the Egyptian writer and commentator Ahdaf Soueif. I'd never heard of her. She would seem to be rather an interesting person: she was the first Muslim woman to be short-listed for the Booker Prize and her life has been divided between Egypt and Britain. I liked her choice of "Hotel California" as one of her discs and I can live with the Beatles, but her other six music choices..... oh dear(!)
Am I being racist in saying that it wasn't so much music as a truly dreadful howling? The wailing, added to the aftermath of two glasses of wine from last night gave me a headache which lasted all day. A headache complemented by the tune of "Hotel California". Which (I suppose) makes a change from having "Suburban Homeboy" running through my head.

On Monday I mentioned that I left my mobile at home and didn't miss anything. If I'd forgotten it today I would have missed out. An agency called with a possible job opening. A college called with an offer of a course I'd asked about. And I had a telephone interview.
The possible job opening is (another) non-started; being office based in Brighton. The college course is also pie-in-the-sky: whilst I wouldn't mind re-training as an electrician, fifty quid per week for a year is a bit steep. But the telephone interview was interesting. The position I'd applied for was selling stuff to hospitals; I liked the sound of it, and the bloke said that he'd already done ten interviews this morning in which the candidates told him that they weren't interested. So here's hoping...

A week or so ago I mentioned about an old friend who've been sent to the chokey. I mentioned that I'd like to write to him; finding where to address the letter takes some doing. The Home Office have finally replied to my email saying that they've received it. they will now try to locate the lag in question, ask if he's happy for me to write to him, and let me know. I've been told I should hear something in six weeks or so. 
Oh.. and I've found a photo from the last serious diet I did. I lost enough weight so's I could tuck "Daddies Little Angel TM" down the front of my trousers. She was a bit smaller in those days, but I've lost more weight this time. I wonder if she'd fit again.....

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