20 June 2012 (Wednesday) - Gone Fishing

I got up earlier than perhaps I might have done this morning. It was odd - my head was sweating; my feet were like blocks of ice. And so I couldn't settle to sleep. I had a bout of brekkie and then distributed over a hundred catalogues to the masses. Some of the masses weren't impressed.
I realise that most people don't even look at the catalogues I deliver - we only get orders from maybe one in every thirty that we hand out. But it's still depressing when people open their doors and give the thing straight back to me. Do they have to look down their noses with such contempt? But after all is said and done it is their loss really. There's some good stuff in those catalogues. Cheap too, and we deliver it to the door.
I suppose after a few months once we've built up a customer base which orders regularly we won't have to do mass catalogue drops to an ungrateful world.

I then popped up to town to the bank. Dull, but it needed doing. And then I had a look in WH Smiths to see their Kobo ebook reader. It does much the same as my Kindle used to, at a lot less cost than a new Kindle. And the hooky ebooks that are free to download don't need any re-formatting and converting before I can read them (unlike the Kindle).

Home again where I looked at the ironing pile and decided against it. I scoffed the last of the black pudding (left over from camp) for lunch. There's no denying that I've been somewhat flatulent of late. I suspect two week old black pudding has possibly had something to do with that. But the black pudding's all gone now. Hopefully my guts will start clearing up soon.

I checked the weather forecast for Sunday. I'm hoping to lead a walk through the countrside; weather permitting. Metcheck dot com predicts glorious sunshine; the BBC's weather website predicts heavy rain. One will be wrong. I wonder which.

And then the first fruit of my loin arrived and we set off for an afternoon's fishing. A couple of years ago a group of us organised a syndicate to obtain fishing rights to a small pond, and we went back for the first outing of this fishing season. Littlun wanted to come, and it made for an entertaining couple of hours. "Have you drunk all that lemonade?" "No.... but it's all gone". The fishing was so-so. I caught twenty-four; first fruit caught four. Which was rather embarrassing. And coming home was rather delayed when littlun announced that she wanted to say goodnight to all the cows in the world before we left.
It was good to get back to the pond. However the pondweed has got out of hand. I may well go back next week with a rake and hoik some of the stuff out.

This evening "er indoors TM" went round the scout hall for their committee meeting. I went round to meet her afterwards, and to meet up with some old friends. For all that the electrics have been re-wired and the place has got a new kitchen, it's the same old scout hall. I did feel a little nostalgic about the place. I do miss the scout group. But would I go back? If I could get a job which might allow me to do so, then I must admit I might be tempted.....

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