16 June 2012 (Saturday) - Still Busy

The weekly weigh-in. My weight remains constant at about the fourteen stone mark. I suspect the major pig-outs at last week's camp did little for any possible weight loss this week. But I'm happy with my weight remaining constant. The overall trend is downwards. As long as weight's not going back on, I shall remain content.

The morning post brought a letter from the pension people. It would seem that my recent tribulations haven't affected my pension anywhere near as badly as I originally feared, and so gave me more cause to smile. The same post also brought a pile of business cards which I'd secured really cheaply from the Internet for tomorrow's stall at which I shall tout the merchandise of Badger-Original-Landscapes-Bespoke-artwork (dot com).

Yesterday I mentioned that I'd completed the first draft of a short story I've written for a competition. This morning I shaved some excess words off of it so it's now the correct word length. "Daddies Little Angel TM" had the honour of having the first read. I don't think it was an honour she fully appreciated as she fell about laughing over the opening line. I didn't think it was *that* sarcastic.

We popped to the bank this morning. It was good. There was an epically-breasted young lady with a rather revealing dress who was practising what I can only describe as a "these are my knockers" pose. I was impressed(!)
And then on to the farm. Last weekend we'd camped and left the tents up. Today they were (mostly) dry and a couple of hours' work got them taken down and packed away. The Rear Admiral's tent might need a little maintenance before it's used again; but then again, couldn't we all?

Home again, and we collected in the catalogues I touted out on Tuesday. Some interest - someone wants to work for us touting catalogues on a sub-contracting basis. That's nice. And then after a quick shower we set off to East Malling for Denver and Jo's wedding reception. The bride looked radiant; brides always do. The groom looked vaguely harassed. As is the way of the world.

Meanwhile I have the tune of "Suburban Homeboy" by Sparks stuck in my head.....

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