14 June 2012 (Thursday) - Stuff

On Monday I blogged that we'd left wet tents standing after the weekend's camp. On Tuesday I whinged that the rain had stopped us getting the tents dry. Yesterday the weather was wonderful; and today it wasn't bad. It's rather frustrating knowing that dry tents are sitting in a field and we're not able to do anything with them. Here's hoping they stay dry till the weekend.

Here's a thought.... I browse the web using Firefox. Because I like it. Other people use other browsers. I believe that this blog is readable in all of them. If it's not, then there's not a lot I can do about it. But as websites evolve, some of the older browsers are having trouble keeping up. An Australian on-line retailer has now started adding a fee onto all transactions made on its site using Internet Explorer 7. It costs them money to make their website work on antique browsers, and they want to recoup that money. Personally I'd rather have a website with a few less bells and whistles that actually works....

And I'll end today with an ethical dilemma. More and more carnivorous plants are turning vegetarian. Is this a triumph for the vegetarians in that less animals are getting scoffed; or a triumph for the meat-eaters like me who see a carnivorous plant going vegetarian as being akin to scoring an own goal...?

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