2 June 2012 (Saturday) - Folkestone Air Show

I woke this morning feeling physically drained. I didn't do much exercise yesterday, so why should I feel so tired? I ached all over. I wonder what that was about. I got up and had my "official" weigh-in: another pound gone since the last "official" weigh-in, sixty-five pounds in weight lost so far. And another inch has gone off of my hips over this last month.

After a quick bite of brekkie we went out and collected catalogues; and then set off the the Admiralty where the tribes gathered. The tribes scoffed bacon sandwiches, and then we set off to the beach. We'd planned to watch Folkestone air show, and we found a nice spot just by the sea. I had hoped to fit in a swim in the sea as well, but the weather had been rather cold so I didn't take my swimmies. I wish I had now.
We sat and watched the Red Arrows fly past. They were quite impressive. Then after a ten minute hiatus some other plane flew past a few times. Another break, this time for fifteen minutes, after which another plane flew up and down the channel. Klunk (from "Stop the Pigeon") flew past. As did the Twenty-Minuters (from "Blackadder") and the Crimson Haybailer (Wacky Races).

"Daddies Little Angel TM" announced that her nerves could take no more of this tedious ordeal and she went home to put the kettle on. I too was finding it rather dull. I must admit that I wasn't sure what to expect from the air show, but I was certainly expecting more than what actually was going on. All of the planes just flew up and down. I don't know what more they could have done; maybe taken a few pot-shots at the lifeboat moored off the coast perhaps?

So I lay back and closed my eyes for five minutes. And woke up seriously sunburned an hour later. There was a not-so-dull bit where a helicopter winched someone off of a lifeboat. But for me one of the highlights of the afternoon was slipping off to find the toilet. I came back to find most everyone else had slipped off too. The Bat and the Rear Admiral both came back looking green. They'd been on the fun fair and made themselves ill.
There's no denying that the Tornado jet which marked the grand finale of the afternoon came as a blessed relief, and we slowly made our way back to the Admiralty where we had a quick cuppa and watched "Crocodiles Eating Animals II" on the Discovery Channel. Those crocs certainly get through a lot of animals.

And so home where I slapped on the after-sun, and after a decent bit of tea we watched "Hairspray" and I did some on-line surveys. "My Boy TM" staggered home. He'd been out drinking all day, and came home to stagger about a bit before going out again. I hope he's OK....

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