3 June 2012 (Sunday) - A Birthday

A very restless night. A combination of very painful sunburn and torrential rain kept me awake for much of the night. We eventually got up shortly after 9am, and after a quick bit of brekkie went out cataloguing and delivering orders to the masses. They love it. A shame it was raining, but you can't have everything.

Back home, a cream cake for dinner (diet, what diet?) and then off to Folkestone to see the birthday girl. Where have the years gone? I remember her being born. I remember four hours of screaming on the first time we were both left alone together. I remember being called in to see the teacher after only three days at school. I remember the endless stream of letters of complaint from the school. But despite a shaky start she's not turned out a bad 'un.
She seemed well, and she made the tea. And after an hour exchanging insults we left them to it and set off on our way. Via Morrison’s to stock up on assorted shopping before coming home again. Once home I moved my car a few yards. People round our way have this obsession with being parked exactly outside their house. If they could park a few yards up or down then we could get so many more cars parked along the road, but not many people seem to be at home to common sense.

Bearing in mind I got sunburn yesterday, the weather today was odd. Continual rain and very cold was the order of the day. It shouldn't be this cold in June. I then spent a little while doing some editorial stuff to my on-going novel. After a couple of hours I got just over a quarter of the way through. In a week or so it should be ready for proof-reading. One or two of my loyal readers have volunteered for this task over the last few weeks, and I shall soon be in touch and smiling hopefully.

After tea "er indoors TM" went bowling. I was originally planning to go to a film night (on a Sunday for no apparent reason), but at the last minute I decided against going. I wasn't feeling on top form; I was decidedly cold and shivery, and the thought of being out until nearly midnight didn't appeal. Perhaps too much sun yesterday?
So I did some ironing and settled myself in front of Willy Wonka instead...

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