5 June 2012 (Tuesday) - Jubilee Day

Over a bite of brekkie I checked my emails. There was an advert for "local slags". How charming (!) And moral standards fell even more as the young lady who played the part of Hermione in the Harry Potter films has resorted to flopping them out.

I didn't want to go to work this morning. I would much rather have stayed at home with the rest of the world on this bonus Bank Holiday. But that wasn't an option, so off I went. In all honesty if I'd stayed at home it would probably have been a day wasted. Working today meant that I can take a day off later in the year when I actually need or want to do something with the day. And on a day when the rest of the world won't be off too.
But applying reason and common sense didn't stop me sulking about a day being at work when everyone else wasn't.

The roads were certainly quieter than usual this morning when I set off for work. Interestingly the chap on the radio was talking about a series of beacons that were lit last night in honour of the jubilee. It would seem that there were thousands of these things lit last night. Two were lit within a few minutes walk of my house. I had no idea that this was happening; I would have gone along to one if I had known. And rallied the troops to make an outing of the event. I would have taken photos and felt a part of a Jubilee which (quite frankly) has pretty much passed me by.
But no one told me about the beacons. I didn't know they were happening. How does anyone find out about things like this going on?

Being Tuesday the clans gathered. This time in Queen Street. I got there somewhat later than I would have liked, but such is life. Better late than not at all. We watched another instalment of "Being Human". Something else I missed (on it's first time round). For someone who puts a lot of effort into trying to lead an eventful existence,
I do seem to be missing quite a bit just lately...

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  1. We went to Firle beacon in Sussex.
    At over 700 feet we had a great view across the weald.
    great fireworks too.