26 June 2012 (Tuesday) - Keeping Busy

I had planned for today. First of all I got the washing on the line, which was easier said than done. Next door’s obsession with roses means that his plants are now (in places) over six feet onto our side of the fence. In the past I’ve cut them back, but unless I’m out there trimming on an almost daily basis I can’t keep up with it. And I’m left with having to get rid of all the trimmings.
And having the washing on the line just upset the dogs on the other side and set them off yapping (again). A couple of years ago I spent a lot of time and effort and money on making the back garden half-way decent. Now I’ve all but given up with it.

I went through my letter rack: I hadn’t done that for some time. There was some old drivel in there. I started with a ballot paper to choose members of the council of governors for the local hospital. I was asked to choose between various people I’ve never met (and probably never will) to sit on a committee the job of which is rather self-evident. i.e. running a hospital.
There was a letter from Virgin Media. Did I want a Tivo box? Not yet, but when my mobile phone contract is up I will probably look at consolidating TV, Internet, phone, mobile phone, shopping, gas, leccie, and everything. I’ll worry about that later.
I had a new bank card. That was nice. And a letter from the Aspinall Foundation telling me what they have been up to lately. Capital One offered to lend me money. WyeVale’s Gardening Club had written to me. It would seem that the demise of the entire WyeVale chain has in no way affected the output of their gardening club,
There was a reminder that my subs to the kite club are due. I might have to let that lapse this year.
The astro club’s bank statement had arrived. And to the correct address as well. It’s only taken them a year to stop posting it to the wrong place. I hate to think what’s going on at that place now that the news tells me that their computers have gone west. I had an interesting ten minutes trying to reconcile the bank statement with my records until I realised where I’d gone wrong. It’s nice when the figures agree.
My own bank statement had also arrived. Those figures agreed too. Not as healthy as they might have been, but they agreed. I shall content myself with the thought that it could be a lot worse.

I then spent a little while updating my calendar for the next few months. I’ve already got a lot of stuff planned, and I’ve added to the schedule. What with one thing and another I have something planned for every weekend up until the end of September.
Following on from last weekend’s successful stall, I’ve added the astro club’s stall at Challock Goose Fair. Following on from my whinge about not knowing about kiting events I’ve added the one day kiting event at Capstone Country Park.
And in a serious bit of wondering where the year has gone I found myself pencilling in bonfire parades: I have the dates of the parades in Hastings and Rye, and have established that there (probably) won’t be one in Shadoxhurst this year. It would be good to have one or two more bonfire events planned, but they are predominantly a Sussex thing; and as such necessitate quite a bit of driving to and fro.

I realised that I’ve not regaled the world with any video nasties recently, so in a spare five minutes (whilst waiting for my laundry to dry) I put a little video together. It features various blog piccies from the last few months (copyright me!) and a track which is a particular favourite of mine and which was freely available to download from the internet, so here’s hoping that the nice people at You-Tube won’t find fault with this one and delete it (like they did the others!)
With the laundry dried I then cracked on with the ironing. It only took four hours to do. And whilst I was in a laundry frame of mind I sorted out the smalls; something which is easier said than done.

Tuesday - the usual suspects met up at the Chrisery where we played with the trains and watched another episode of "Being Human". Didn't see tonight's twist coming - it's getting good again....

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