9 June 2012 (Saturday) - Bit Less Wind

I had a mild guts ache this morning which woke me rather earlier than everyone else woke. After my morning ablutions I sat in "Brown and Smelly" and felt quite at one with the peace and tranquillity of the world. Irene woke me two hours later.
My phone rang - "My Boy TM" wanted directions to where we were camping, so I walked up to the road to find him. He arrived with a carful, and the four of them joined us for a spot of brekkie. Fudge seemed particularly excitable, and some dog-training lessons were started whilst some of us went off fishing. It would have been nice to have had a fishing pond on site, but there was one at the farm which was only five minutes drive away. We arrived at the farm to find a visitor had come to the wrong camp site; so we imparted directions and then had a pleasant couple of hours drowning maggots. "My Boy TM" eventually managed to catch two fish, which was two more than anyone else caught today.

With the novelty of standing by a pond fast wearing off we made our way back to camp where the O'Latas had arrived to visit. With our numbers swelled to over twenty on site we had an enjoyable lunch of cream cakes, and then got the kites out. The wind had subsided from yesterday's hurricanes to a mere tornado, and we played with power kites and delta kites and one lined kites and all sorts. The NASA power kite wasn't right. I had a theory, so we brought the thing down and measured the lines against each other. I was right: the lines had stretched. But all had not stretched equally. There was a good eight inches difference between longest and shortest lines. Ideally the lines should be no more than a millimetre different. We lined up the lines, re-strung the kite, had another go and again failed miserably. Untangling the bridling worked wonders, and I even went so far as to get my harness out to have a go with the power kite: it's been a while since I had my harness out. It was fun. "Daddies Little Angel TM" had a go with the kite and nearly knacked herself. It's easy to forget that power kites are not children's toys and they do bite.

Tea was excellent - chicken and bacon pasta. I am always happy to wash up at camp when someone else is cooking up such excellent food. And we spent a few hours playing Jenga whist drinking a wonderful orange-coloured passion fruit flavoured 25% abv jollop. Very nice. A drop of port would have been nice at that point. We had at least two bottles in the kitchen. After an hour we gave up looking they had vanished. Which was probably for the best as we staggered to our beds at midnight.

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