29 June 2012 (Friday) - Astro Club

I must have been overdoing it this week - I woke with backache this morning. A backache which lasted all day long.

After a spot of brekkie we set off to Smeeth. The "er indoors TM" -mobile has got a problem. The boot doesn't open. Experts have had a look, and it would seem that the locking mechanism is knacked. We found a scrap yard from where we got a replacement. All that remains now is to fit the replacement part. I'm sure that will be easier said than done.
Whilst we were out we thought we'd replace the tyre with a slow puncture. Or that was until we saw the queue at Road Runners. We'll go back another time, eh?
To Tesco's for some shopping. We also got Belgian buns for a spot of lunch. Not that I'm any expert, but Co-Op do make a better Belgian bun. And they do them cheaper too.

The afternoon was rather dull. With my phone number back to what it should have been all along I then updated my updated information with several employment agencies, and applied for more jobs I don't have a chance of getting. And then with the Folkestonians in tow we set off to astro club where we had a really good evening. We had over fifty people along - lots of new people, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
Astronomically we could have done with a darker evening, but the dark winter nights will come quickly enough,
We've also borrowed the solar scope, so that should put paid to the recent spate of good weather...

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