15 June 2012 (Friday) - Busy

Friday - recycling day. Oh - the binmen were noisy about it today. I had naively hoped for a bit of a lie-in this morning. It didn't happen.

I had made plans for my day today. I had all sorts of errands to do on the computer, and a stack of laundry to sort as well. The plan was to alternate between computer and washing line; getting all the jobs done before the forecast rain started at 3pm. A good plan; or so I thought.
I had all the on-line chores done and the last load of washing in the washing machine by mid-morning. And then the rain started. So I put loads of washing round the house wherever I could, fell asleep in front of the telly and woke a couple of hours later only to remember all the chores that I had forgotten about. Astro club finances, uploading the blog backup, having yet another re-write of my C.V., some promotional stuff for the stall I shall be running on Sunday. I'd been planning to do them all week, and had forgotten.

And just as I thought all the chores were done an agency phoned with a possible opening. Would I possibly be interested in.... The nice lady described *exactly* the sort of job I would like to do. So why did she wonder if it might only possibly be of interest to me? Probably because it's such a specialised job that even the specialists don't realise what's what.

I've decided I'm going to enter a writing contest. A short sci-fi story of between seven hundred and fifty words and one thousand five hundred words.... easy-peasy. I've chosen to write up humanity's fourth extra-solar mission. All I need to do now is to shave twenty five words off of the first draft.
I shall be tapping up proof readers in the next week or so...

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