4 June 2012 (Monday) - Another Birthday

A better night's sleep, but still rather awkward as despite loads of after-sun I'm still sunburned. Over a brekkie of toasted teacakes (not bad) the first fruit of my loin came home for a shower. The hot water has gone round at the Fudgery. Which is a nuisance for all concerned.
But it was as well that he'd come round. I needed some heavy lifting doing, and he's a good lad for that. We got the seats out of my car in readiness for next weekend, and got the roof bars on to the car. We could have put the top box on as well, but that will keep for a while. Whilst we were doing this Alistair from two doors down came out to bandy insults with us, so we borrowed his ladder to muck out the guttering.
As "My Boy TM" set off on his way (his entourage had come round to collect him), I then cleaned out the fish pond filter. It had got blocked. Mind you it has been running for over a week; I was surprised it hadn't blocked up earlier.

I then played Tetris for a while to calm my nerves, then we set off to Singleton for a birthday. As is always the way, there were several events and parties we could have gone to this afternoon; a shame we couldn't be everywhere. But over a dozen of us gathered to wish Sarah a happy birthday, and to have a barby to celebrate the occasion. We had a really good afternoon sitting in the garden. The weather could have been better, but it certainly could have been worse. We enjoyed the sunshine when it came out, and we sheltered under the gazebo when it rained.
Kebabs, Key Lime pie, burgers, Eton mess, four bottles of beer. So much for the diet....

And then home where we caught up with watching episodes of Grimm. From what I could see from comments on Facebook the rest of humanity was tuned in to the concert to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. And from what I could see from comments on Facebook I don't think many people were very impressed with it.
Personally as someone who's quite pro-Monarchy I'm rather concerned for Her Majesty this evening. Prince Philip’s been taken to hospital. He's not a young man. I'm hoping for the best, but can't help but expect the worst...

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