21 June 2009 (Sunday) - Another Shed...

The chodbin would seem to have fixed itself. Thank heavens for small mercies. On the other hand the tumble drier is making a racket. I realise that tumble drying isn’t the ozone-friendliest of activities, but there is a limit to how many socks one can peg out.

Shed shopping with “My BoyTM ”. I “had words” the other day because I couldn’t get in or out of the garden shed because of his fishing gear being strewn everywhere. I “suggested” he might like to invest in a small shed of his own for his fishing tackle, and surprisingly he agreed. We set off first to the garden centre in Bethersden where we once bought a shed (many years ago). They don’t do sheds any more. We tried Tenterden garden centre, for no better reason than that he could buy me breakfast. After a full English brekky we found that they didn’t have any sheds either. They would also seem to have doubled the price of their Koi. Then to Snargate where we bought a shed only last year. The place had a large sign saying they were open on Sundays. The place was closed. Which was a shame, because we could see the exact shed he wanted. Ham Street was next. There was a shed shop there where the nice man could build him a shed to order. For three hundred quid. My BoyTM nearly laid an egg there and then. They had a cheapo plastic storage box for eighty quid, but it was too small. But I was happy because I got a “sold as seen” water feature for fifteen quid (reduced from fifty).

By the time we’d done Homebase and WyeVale we were “shedded out”. But a quick squzz at eBay shows sheds not unlike what he’s after for about a hundred quid.

And so home, where “Daddies Little Angel TM ” had scrubbed the back yard. It looks so much better for having had a clean up. I mowed the lawn and played with my new water feature. I’ve got to decide where to put the thing. Power, as always will be an issue. The power boxes at the end of the garden aren’t the easiest of things to mess with. I’ve half a plan to buy a small shed like “My BoyTM ” wants, put it up near the pond and run the power out of that….

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