5 June 2009 (Friday) - A New Front Door

Because I was on a late start this morning, the idea was the nice man from the door company would arrive, make a start and probably be finished by the time I left for work. No such luck. It was as well ‘er indoors (TM) had taken the day off work too – they didn’t show up until gone 3pm. They seem to have made a good job of the door, but I haven’t inspected it that closely. Mind you, for all that it’s a pretty impressive door, I must admit to a degree of disappointment. It’s just a door. I was somehow expecting more from it. I don’t really know precisely what, but something more.
“Daddies Little Angel (TM)” ain’t happy with it either. Oh well, As long as the thing actually opens when we want it to, and the letterbox flap stays on, it will be better than it’s predecessor.

Some days in my life are rather exciting. Others not so….

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