9 June 2009 (Tuesday) - Another Dull Day

Another dull day. I did as much as I could at work until I finally gave up. I had this idea to update some training presentations I made a few years ago, but every time I tried to look up anything on Google, the PC would crash. So I decided to work from home, and got loads done.

I see there are people digging in the holes up and down my road. Let’s hope this is a good sign – I’m fed up with having to park several streets away most evenings. After all, it’s only been six months – how much longer do they want to leave the holes there for?

Meanwhile over on Facebook I’ve started a new game – “farkle”. It reminds me of a dice game I once played with a Frenchman, the rules being somewhat variable depending on who was winning at the time, but it passes the odd minute or two.

And then a phone call from the chokey. The mucky magazine I sent in last week has arrived…

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