22 June 2009 (Monday) - Wind

I am regularly asked how my new job is going. And I always answer with the response that I don’t really know myself. Today, on the start of the eighth week of my secondment I finally had a formal review of progress. Regular readers of this drivel will recall I took up my current job when I applied for (and was offered) a job at the hospital up the road, but the bunch I was with made me what seemed to be a better offer. And then once I’d turned down the job up the road, the better offer became a six month secondment instead. And then it got downgraded further to a three month project with the possibility of an extension. Today I was told that the possibility of an extension had been withdrawn. For all that management wanted to keep the project going, extending the time period beyond three months is “something we dare not do”. One can’t help but wonder why. I took on a three month project to supervise a cohort of trainees, who will start work just as my secondment ends..

In a similarly inexplicable vein, over on HMS Bulwark, (one of the Royal Navy’s Albion-class amphibious assault warships), the Captain has unilaterally banned Brussels sprouts. Which is a shame, really. I like sprouts.

Back on the shed front, a little research has come up with several sheds that might do for me. Some in Enfield, and some in Margate. I plan to go to Margate tomorrow anyway – I’ll see what it looks like…

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