17 June 2009 (Wednesday) - A New Toy

Last night I had a visitor – the chap who started up the astronomy club. He remembered a conversation we’d had a while ago about a USB pair of binoculars. He’d seen a pair in the boot fair and had thought of me. And he’d bought them – was I interested in them for four quid? It seemed like a bargain to me, and now I am equipped with a fully functioning perve-o-scope. I can zoom in on all sorts of nonsense, press a button and have a photo. The software that comes with it is a bit clunky, but for four quid, it’ll do. I have a feeling that if this doesn’t get me onto a “special” register, nothing will.

Since I was on a late start today, I spent the morning looking for something racy in the distance to photograph with my new toy. In the end I settled for a shot of the neighbour’s undercrackers. And then to work. After a while I had to go to Margate for a bit. I came home the scenic way via Ramsgate and Pegwell Bay as I was told I might see seals there. Seeing as it was a hot afternoon, I had high hopes of photographing something somewhat saucier. Eventually I settled for a photo of some normal people taking their dog for a walk.

The book is somewhat vague on the actual magnification achievable. I think that x2 would be generous. And the photos are only 640 x 480 pixels. But, as I said, for four quid, it’s not bad. I shall play with it for a bit. I suspect the novelty will have worn off by the weekend…

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