20 June 2009 (Saturday) - Cycling, Pubs....

Just as I’d been singing the thing’s praises, Safari crashed twice this morning. I suspect Firefox has never crashed once in its entire history. But Sarari does look sexy. I’ll give it another chance.

We got the bikes out for the first time in three weeks and set off to Wye. Back to the Tickled Trout – the place we went to on the first cycle ride of the year back on 10th January, and I think it’s fair to say that today’s trip was somewhat less traumatic than that first ride was. We followed National Cycle Route 18 out to Wye. It was rather scenic alongside the river up to Kennington Road. Then it became a tad hairy as traffic flew by at breakneck speed. But soon the cycle route followed country lanes, and not only was it a lovely ride through the countryside, there was a whole lot less “up” than many of our cycling excursions have had lately.

To the Tickled Trout for stilton ploughmans and a couple of pints of afters. For the surroundings, the pub is difficult to beat, but although there were five ales on, none of them were anything out of the ordinary, and the food was average. It was good food, but nothing to make it stand out from what we’ve come to expect from pub grub.

‘er indoors (TM ) borrowed a puppy from the normal people so’s they could eat their dinner in peace, and whilst we were there, about twenty women appeared, one of whom was wearing a poncy flowery head dress. The one with said hat was marched up to the river, and she chucked her hat in the river. All the others then sang some really lame folk-y type song, and then they all shoved off. They were probably a harmless enough bunch of nutters, but I felt the whole thing somewhat intimidating. The bar staff then came and asked us what that was all about. We had no idea, but we felt less scared now that they had gone.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, “My Boy(TM)” has been teaching the fish to perform tricks. They now eat from his hand. It’s a good job they don’t have teeth or they would eat his hand. They are greedy things, so teaching them anything food-related isn’t that great an achievement, but he’s been wanting to have the fish eating from his hand for some time.

On another note, the chodbin has gone west. It doesn’t flush. For myself, I’ve found a bucket and I will flush it with that until ‘er indoors (TM ) fixes it. I’m taking the line that she installed the flushing mechanism in the first place, so who am I to interfere.

And then to the Star – a strange pub. I must admit I’ve never really taken to the place. It specialises in live music, but with a huge chimney breast in the way, it isn’t the venue it would like to be. Today was a charity fundraising day, and loads was going on. Bouncy castles, kiddies fun, face painting. But for all the effort going on around the place, the bar staff were hopeless (to be generous to them). We went up to watch Brian’s band. They were good, but fraught with technical problems. To say nothing of blown speakers and failing microphones. Whilst there, a lad approached me. Did I remember him? – a cub from ten years ago. I did remember him – he was the one with the foxy mother. The foxy mother was also there, and still just as foxy….

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