10 June 2009 (Wednesday) - Yet Another Dull Day

An early start – to the petrol station to refuel. I always go to the Tesco’s petrol station because I always have. But I don’t think I will any more. The harridans behind the counter are always so busy squawking gossip at each other, that they begrudge any form of communication with the paying customer. It’s very clear that my spending fifty quid in their shop is getting in the way of their conversation. I think I’ll take my fifty quid elsewhere next time.

To work – where I spent a lot of the day looking out of the window hoping the rain would stop. I tried phoning the chokey to confirm all is OK for next week’s visit. The phone number for visits was permanently on answer machine saying the office was closed. I tried the main prison switchboard, who couldn’t care less. That was helpful.

To the BatFarm to load up with camping gear. It was only when I’d loaded up half the stuff that I realised I normally took the seats out of the car first. Oh well, I’ll do that in the morning. If it stops raining.

In the meantime I’ve added a caption competition to the blog. I’ll let it run for a few days and see how much interest it sparks….

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