28 June 2009 (Sunday) - Vaccuum Bags

For once I wasn’t wide awake and raring to go at 6am. I was woken by a phone call at 6.30am. From Bethersden. Someone clearly didn’t realise he’d phoned me, and was having a lively discussion about selling shedloads of comics. It’s always amusing when someone’s mobile phone makes these calls. There’s nothing quite as entertaining as being a fly on the wall, even if it is at the crack of dawn. I eventually nodded off again, and didn’t wake up till nearly eleven o’clock.

Daddies Little Angel TM ” had a plan. She’d seen vacuum storage bags on QVC and wanted some. So off we went to Argos. These bags are quite impressive. You stick all your winter clothes in them, and seal the bag. You then attach your hoover to the nozzle and suck all the air out. It’s amazing how small the bags squash down to.

While she was hoovering away her winter clothes I made a start on the laundry. Whilst deciding what clothes could go into vacuum storage, quite a bit of washing had been generated. Even with the washing machine on “warp drive” setting, it took all afternoon to get through the stuff. I must admit that today was a dull afternoon, just sitting by the pond reading my book, intermittently hanging out washing and loading more into the machine. I suppose it was a job that needed doing, but dull – so dull.

I wonder what else I can put into vacuum storage…

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