1 June 2009 (Monday) - A New Beginning

Today I wrote my one thousandth blog entry. Yes – I know this *looks* like it’s the third one, but actually it’s my one thousand and first. As some of my loyal readers might know (hoping for a new crop of loyal readers here on Blogger!), I’ve been blogging like a thing possessed over on Yahoo 360 for two and a half years. Who would ever have thought I would have kept it going this long? Every day over the last two and a half years, my blog got (on average) sixty three hits. That’s a respectable number – one I’m rather pleased about.
I’ve been playing with this blog here for two days, and I’ve decided I like it. I must thank Andy for finding it. Life is so much easier when someone else does all the leg-work for you :o)
So far, I’m quite pleased with the new layout, but I’m not sure that the blog section is wide enough. It’s funny – on my last blog I didn’t have a choice of layout, but now that I do, I keep fiddling with it.
I’ve installed a hit counter. I’m wondering if it will be as flattering as the one Yahoo gave me. As I write this, it says it says I’ve had 22 page views from 10 distinct different people. That seems promising.
I’ve had comments – that bit seems to work. Anonymous comments are fine, since I get the option to delete them before they appear, but I would remind my loyal readers that you don’t need a blogger account to comment – you can add your name to a comment should you wish to.
I can add links from this blog to fellow bloggers. So far I haven’t added everyone, since most of my fellow bloggers are also on Yahoo 360, and I’ll wait to see where people end up before going through the thirty seconds of effort it will take to add a link that will soon be out of date,

So here we are – on one hand we have the end of an era, and on the other, it’s the dawn of a brave new world of spouting drivel.

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  1. I like this better than Yahoo too.
    Thank you for letting me know about it.