8 June 2009 (Monday) - A Day in the Life

My Boy (TM)“ was out last night. One dreads to imagine where. He came home quietly at about 5am, which was a shame because for once I wasn’t wide awake at the crack of dawn. I lay awake for twenty minutes listening to the entire house shake as he silently went about whatever he was doing. From the level of crashing about, I would have imagined he was doing something akin to teaching elephants to tap-dance. When he eventually set off for work at 5.30am I went downstairs and got on with some ironing.

To the post office to send off this week’s letter to the chokey. The twentieth. I’ve sent off another crossword – “that which one does whilst while watching a Spice Girls video. (3,1,3,4)”. The answer being “zig a zig ahhh (!)” This will be the third crossword I’ve sent him. So far he’s attempted five clues, and got them all wrong. But he says he likes having a go. He admitted to being particularly foxed by last week’s 14 across – “a wrestling hold involving one hand, one eye, some sailors and a funny-shaped hat”. Next week I might post in a copy of “Viz” to point him in the right direction.

The morning was dull, but then after the weekend I’ve just had, anything would be dull. To Margate for the afternoon, where there was something of a commotion. As I walked through the car park up to the hospital, a little old lady was clinging to the bus stop, screaming for help. She didn’t want to go home. I wasn’t getting involved, and left the nurses to it. The old duck was as mad as trousers.

And then home – through pretty much every sort of weather imaginable. I left Margate in bright sunshine at twenty two degrees. On the way home the temperature went down to twelve, and back up again. The glorious sunshine gave way to a monsoon, and went back to sunshine. Several times. I hope it cheers up for the end of the week.

I was expecting to come home to a message on the phone from the window people to discuss finishing the work they started on Friday. No message, so I phoned them back. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing they booked someone to come at the earliest they could manage. In two weeks time. I’m not impressed…

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