14 June 2009 (Sunday) – A Lazy Day

Despite (or because of) the antipodean melodies which sang me to sleep last night, I was again up and raring to go at 7am. This time with no rice pudding to clear up. Having said that, it is amazing how much washing up was generated during the evening, and I busied myself with that until breakfast was ready.

I then spent most of the morning sleeping in my chair. Not so much sleeping as dozing, phasing in and out of consciousness. It’s amazing what snippets of conversation you hear when people think you are asleep, and you probably are. Simon, for example, claimed to have obtained a four foot long “implement” from his spam emails.

A quick sandwich and mid day, and then more dozing in the chair. At one point some of the children (who had been playing “spies” all weekend) were doing “Badger-Watch”. Having set up their vantage point behind a tree, they were reporting my movements to anyone who was interested via walkie-talkie.

And at five o’clock the festival was officially over. People started packing away. Some faster than others. We didn’t – whenever possible we stay on till the Monday morning and pack away then. But since there were only going to be four of us overnight we put away that which we could. Which wasn’t much really. Another smashing bit of tea, served with wine (!). And then we washed up, and made a start on the remaining bottles of beer left in the beer box. In a novel break with tradition we had rice pudding at camp in daylight. And as the evening wore on, we said goodbye to more and more friends, until finally we were one of only three groups of people left on the field.

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