7 January 2018 (Monday) - Rostered Day Off

I slept like a log last night and woke feeling a tad grim. I wonder if I’m sickening for something? I hope not.
There wasn’t a lot going on with Facebook this morning which was probably for the best. I resisted the urge to be helpful – someone had asked on one of the local pages if there were any car-share schemes. Ten seconds with Google came up with several suggestions but just as I was about to post something I realised that this was just one short step from being embroiled in an argument about which I really didn’t care. Much the same happened yesterday when a friend asked for recommendations for local purveyors of second-hand cars. I related the terrible experience that "My Boy TM" had with a local garage, and suddenly everyone was looking for a squabble.
She can do her own Google search.
I had an email – the chap who’d helped me yesterday when I was struggling to find a geocache asked if I had any ideas with a puzzle that had gone live last week. I politely explained that in a situation like this he really needed to be careful with his wording… I had *lots* of ideas. However I’d tried them all, and none had worked. He did laugh.

I put some washing in to scrub and was just about to take the dogs out when "er indoors TM" phoned. She’d just driven over what she thought was a carrier bag outside the house. It was actually a great big rock in a carrier bag. I nipped out and fetched in  the rock. I’m collecting rocks for a water feature project for over the summer.
I then walked the hounds round the park for what turned out to be a wonderfully uneventful walk. We met a few other dogs and played with them nicely. We didn’t run into any roads, we didn’t have any fights, we didn’t walk off with OrangeHead’s posse. If only all walks went this well.

We came home and I spent a frustrating five minutes trying to find something. A few weeks ago I set up my Lego train track to get some measurements of the board I need for when I set the thing up properly. I wrote those measurements down somewhere and have since lost them. My plan for today was to make a start on my Lego train set project, and phase one was to get a board organised.
So (with the undercrackers set to tumble-dry) I went to B&Q and guessed at board sizes. They had some boards which looked as though they might just be on the big side, and which were reduced from fifteen quid each to two quid each. I bought the lot. There was a minor dilemma in that they didn’t fit into the car, but with B&Q only being five minutes away I wheeled the things home on B&Q’s trolley, and then wheeled the trolley back. I don’t think they noticed.
I drove out to Boughton Aluph to hunt out a crafty geocache, and then on to Finberry for a second. "er indoors TM" has got a geocache near Finberry which has had several “did not find” logs. I was dispatched to prove the thing was there; it wasn’t.

I then drove round to Gina’s Fabrics in the Ellingham estate. Once my board is in place for the train set it needs some sort of green felt on it. The nice lady in Gina’s fabrics recognised me; her son was one of my cub scouts in years gone by. I can remember Danny very well. When building shelters at cub camp I told them all to wear their oldest clothes as they would get grubby; he wore his pyjamas (as they were his oldest clothes) and I didn’t notice until he tried to go to bed covered in mud and dirt. I remember all of the hundreds of cub scouts, but in my mind they are all still nine years old. Danny is now twenty-six and is serving on a warship in the Royal Navy.
We chatted for a while, and I eventually came out with a length of green felt.

I came home via the corner shop (where I got a sandwich) and I scoffed it whilst watching the first episode of season four of “Prison Break”. And with lunch scoffed I ironed for a couple of hours. No time away from work is complete without ironing.
And with ironing ironed I struggled and strained and got the board (for the Lego train set) into place. It is probably a tad too long and a tad too wide, but that is piddling details. I can soon get busy with a saw. Do any of my loyal readers have a jig-saw I could borrow? Or on reflection a safer question might be “can any of my loyal readers pop round and do some jig-sawing for me”.

"er indoors TM" did a rather good dinner. It included salad – is she trying to tell me something? And with her off bowling I sat and watched more episodes of “Prison Break” whilst the dogs slept. They will go mad when she comes home. They always do…

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