22 January 2019 (Tuesday) - A Rather Busy Day

Both Fudge and Treacle made themselves comfortable on the bed taking up much of where I intended to sleep last night. But both were quiet and still, and it made for a better night than some I’ve had recently.

I sparked up my lap-top and used it to peer into cyber-space as I scoffed my toast. A rather bitter fight was raging on one of the work-based Facebook groups that I follow. Someone (from America) had posted a case he’d encountered in his place of work. A family with blood groups: father: O Pos, mother AB Neg, child AB Pos. What’s going on here? Everyone knows this isn’t possible… or that is everyone who hasn’t studied blood group serology at the post-graduate level thinks this isn’t possible. It is actually quite possible, and the reason why has been fully understood for over fifty years. It was rather worrying that people posting on a professional page were rather loudly showing their ignorance. If they’ve never heard of cis AB (which is an interesting if harmless serological quirk) what else haven’t they heard of which might be rather more important. (People tend to forget that in my more lucid moments I’m actually a genius – I’m told I hide it well!)
And then I remembered that being on holiday this week means I don’t have to worry about blood groups next week.

I took the dogs round the park. Yesterday morning was glorious; today was rather drab and overcast. Pogo tried to fight with two other dogs, both of which were some distance away. But other than that, the walk passed off reasonably well.
As we came home we saw friends pulling up outside the house. They’d come to do the secret geo-rituals to the great big box in my front garden. We chatted for a bit, putting the world to rights.

Then, with walk walked, I settled the dogs and drove round to B&Q to get some more boxes for Lego. And as I was out, I drove over to Wye. Having found all geocaches (that I didn’t hide) within four miles of home I wondered if I might push that out to five miles. I found both my targets; both were out in the open and rather exposed. That now leave me with three unfound caches within five miles of home.
As I drove home I popped into Perry Court farm shop. I wondered if I might get something special for lunch. As I walked in  some odd-looking woman glared at me, and ran to the till where she made a point of talking incessantly at the woman on the till whilst periodically giving me the evil eye. Quite clearly this was a local shop for local people, and I was intruding.
Odd really as there are no houses within half a mile of the place.

Once home I cleared the rubbish from the top of the fish tank (there was loads) and spent a while cleaning out the fish tank. It is a job that takes a while as much of the cleaning involves syphoning the gunge from the bottom of the tank, re-filling, letting settle for half an hour and syphoning again. This took much of the afternoon, including a quick trip to the pet shop when I found my air-stone was bunged up. Once back from the pet shop I put on a film, and I would watch twenty minutes of the film, then fart about with the fish tank, then watch twenty minutes more film, and so it went on.
Genesis: The Fall of Eden” was perhaps one of the worst sci-fi films I’ve ever seen.

And with fish tank cleaned and film watched I looked at the few remaining unicorn puzzles. I printed out some playing cards and… I won’t say what I did with them, but after a little fiddling about I figured out what I was supposed to do with them.

Apparently the traffic was rather bad this evening, but once "er indoors TM" got home she boiled up a very good bit of dinner. We scoffed it with a bottle of plonk whilst watching the latest episode of “Hunted”, and then I shared a lump of red Leicester with the hounds.
I find myself more and more thinking that I would make a good contestant on “Hunted”…

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