5 January 2019 (Saturday) - Not A Bad Day

Last night before I got into bed I pulled the duvet two feet in my direction. Not spending the night shivering meant I slept through till after nine o’clock.
Over brekkie I had my usual look at the Internet. Whoever it is that runs Facebook has been fiddling with it. As I perused I saw an advert for a sci-fi author, and a pop-up window appeared telling me how to report inappropriate stuff like that on Facebook. It seems odd that they suggest an author’s page might be inappropriate whilst they have previously told me they have no issues with graphic pictures of oral sex or of a fox being torn apart by hounds.

With no emails of note I spent a little while poring over the geo-map making plans for the next few weeks and months (as I do). I was rather surprised to see that one of my plans for a couple of weeks has gone west. I’ve got some time off work in a couple of weeks’ time and had planned to go find a particular geocache, but the person whose cache it is has archived it with the comment “I’m disabling my caches as I’ve become disenchanted due to the bickering, moaning, and criticising which now seems rife amongst the community”. Whilst there have been petty squabbles over the years, I’ve not had a geo-squabble anywhere near as nasty as ones I’ve seen on astronomical pages, reptile-keeping pages, real-ale pages… Bearing in mind that it only took a few seconds to see that whoever posted that has never been to a formal meeting of geocachers and that no one active in the local community knows them, I can’t help but wonder what provoked that little outburst.

My mobile rang. “Louise Hold” from “Accident Solutions” phoned asking me about the accident in which I was recently involved. When I didn’t tell her to get knotted she transferred me to “Christopher Brian” and I successfully wasted ten minutes of his time. I took the line that I must have been in an accident recently as their records said so, and that it must have been serious as I’d lost all memory of it. It took him a ridiculously long time to realise I was taking the mickey.

We got the leads on to the dogs, and took them over to the woods near the Repton estate where we had a rather good (if cold) little wander. Pogo played nicely with other dogs, and the three of them didn’t get *too* muddy.
We came home via the co-op for Belgian buns, and once home "My Boy TM" and Cheryl came round. Apparently he had some dumbbells round here? We couldn’t find them.

I then spent a little while working on C.P.D. (it’s a work thing), and I also wasted an hour playing at being the geo-police. Over the last few months I’ve been hunting out “resuscitation geocaches” – caches that haven’t been found in over a year. There are a surprising amount of these on the map, and there seems to be three broad reasons why people haven’t found them.
The ones I seem to find are what I call” remote”; with no other caches nearby, few people go out of their way to look for them. There are also a lot which I call “inaccessible”; up trees or in rivers, needing ropes and canoes to get to, and most people who climb or canoe have found them years ago. And the third category is ones which aren’t there. Ones which have gone missing but no one has squealed to the geo-feds about them. Over the last few months I’ve come across many of these. Hidden ages ago by people who have long since found better ways to waste their time, and with several “did not find” logs from experienced hunters of Tupperware on each of them. So I spent a little while putting “Needs Archiving” logs on them. It might prompt people to go sort the problem, or it might clear a space on the map for a new cache to go out. Either is an improvement.

And then the doorbell rang. The women of Karl’s family had an invite to a girlie-night in Singleton. Being at a loose end they dropped him with us. We had a few beers and a bottle and a half of port, more cheese than sense, and we put the world to rights and planned for the future. When you consider how many Saturday nights I’ve spent doing the ironing this was a much better way to spend my time…

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