11 January 2019 (Friday) - After the Night Shift

As I drove home from work the pundits on the radio were interviewing the Foreign Secretary. He was an odious little oik when Health Secretary, and with the Prime Minister’s credibility fast going down the toilet he clearly has his sights set on the top job. He was talking about what he saw as the very real possibility of the entire Brexit shebang being abandoned. Was this a serious political position, or just an attempt to undermine Mrs. May?

On Monday I mentioned I needed to borrow a jig-saw. Matt had one, and so I picked him up (and his tool!). We came home where the dogs set about him, and then we set about the wooden boards I’d bought on Monday. We carved it about, and put on some reinforcing struts, then got the green felt in place. I was grateful for Matt’s help. Not a difficult job, but so much easier with a second pair of hands.
I drove Matt home, then took a rather circuitous route home via Shadoxhurst. I found a geocache there not far from the village sign. I’ve now found all of them within four miles of home, and there’s only five that I haven’t found within five miles. I took a selfie and posted it to the local geocaching page.

Once home I took the dogs round the park. Today’s walk was somewhat problematical. It probably didn’t help that we started off badly by being accosted by a pair of drunks in Bowen’s Field. I say “drunks”; from the smell I think he was off his trolley on an unholy combination of toilet duck and brasso, and she was relatively sober but having a rather nasty fight with the voices in her head. Both wanted to fuss the dogs; no dog wanted anything to do with them. That caused offence.
Being two hours later with our walk than usual, we met several dogs we don’t usually meet. Pogo played nicely with most of them, only getting into one fight. We did have a dodgy five minutes when we lost Fudge, but on back-tracking we found him doing his own thing bimbling in a hedge.

With walk done I had a quick scrub, then went to bed for an hour or so. Over a rather late brekkie I watched an episode of “Prison Break”, then spent a very frustrating hour trying to solve geo-puzzles. I walked away from it before I got angry and set up the Lego train track on the board we’d organised this morning. Before I go much further with this project I will need some green base plates. And the motor of the train is somewhat temperamental. Perhaps I might have a look on eBay for another motor?

"er indoors TM" boiled up fish and chips, and we scoffed it whilst watching the first episode of the new season of “The Orville”. The writers seem to have toned down the frankly ridiculous aspects of the show and it was rather good. Let’s hope this continues…

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