10 January 2019 (Thursday) - Before the Night Shift

Fudge spends most nights on the sofa which suits everyone. However last night he spent on the bed. For all that Treacle and Pogo fidget, Fudge grumbles. He growled every time anyone moved or farted or breathed heavily. If got so that I was laying utterly still for fear of disturbing him.

Over brekkie I peered into the Internet as I do. True to form a squabble was kicking off in there. Yesterday I mentioned that a lot of puzzle geocaches had gone live. Yesterday evening a load more went live. Some of them were challenges for which you had to fulfil certain criteria in order to be able to claim. People have gone to great trouble to create puzzles I can’t solve and challenges for which I will never qualify. Oh well… I shall have a go at the puzzles. I had this idea that the answer to the ones I can solve I will swap for the answers to the ones I can’t solve. That’s what everyone else does.
And the challenges will go on the “ignore” list.

Feeling suitably miserable I got dressed and took the dogs round the park. It was rather cold, but we had a good walk. Good in that we didn’t fight with any other dogs, and we didn’t either run off or straggle excessively. I did waste five minutes trying to get the hounds to pose for a photo, but they weren’t having any of it.

Once home I wandered the garden clearing dog turds (did I ever mention I never wanted dogs?) then decided I’d whinged enough. I sat down with the lap-top and systematically started on the new geo-puzzles. I tackled ten in two hours. Most have checkers which show not only if your answer is right, but also how many other people have also got a right answer. I felt rather smug that solved one that no one else has got right. Mind you I didn’t have a clue on the other nine. I thought I might try the rest later,

I got some lunch from the shop up the road. There was a “delightful lady” in the queue at the till who was making a ruckus that she had to spend a minimum amount of money to use her card to pay. Eventually the lady on the till relented and allowed her to use the card to buy the £1.25 fairy cake mix. It was rather embarrassing all round when the machine gave the card the big thumbs-down.

I came home and scoffed my sandwich whilst watching an episode of “Prison Break” then went to bed for the afternoon. I slept rather well until Treacle and Pogo had a fight on top of me. I wish they wouldn’t.
I got up and continued puzzling. I spent nearly three hours on a wordsearch. I put the answer I’d got into the geo-checker and got the same result that the “delightful lady” in the shop had had for her card.
That was three hours wasted.

I’m off to get some petrol, and on to the night shift.

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