6 January 2019 (Sunday) - Late Shift

Bearing in mind the amount of ale and port I sank last night I work feeling remarkably chipper. I left "er indoors TM" and the wolf-pack snoring whilst I scoffed my toast. As I scoffed I looked at my Facebook feed and my heart sank. Family members who should know better were posting all sorts of anti-vaccination propaganda. Anti-vaccination nutcases boil my piss. On the one hand we have thousands of controlled repeatable clinical studies showing that vaccines actually stop children dying. On the other hand we have idiots who are frightened by the big words and don’t even try to understand them. Co-incidentally there was also one such idiot posting anti-vax drivel on a work-related Facebook page. To prove her (utterly fallacious) point she had written "It LITERALLY only makes sense if you DON'T think about it." These people so smugly ask “So, what happened before vaccines” to which the answer is so obvious. “Small children died”.
It bothers me that people like this are allowed to vote.

With a little time on my hands I thought I might get the old dining table out of the shed. I have a plan to use it as the basis of my Lego train set project. However bearing in mind that at the time I was just storing the table for some vague indeterminate future use it was right at the back of the shed. So getting it out meant stripping pretty much everything else out of the shed.
To be honest the shed needed a little sort-out.
I eventually wrestled the table out and got everything else back relatively tidily. I do need to have a chuck-out of stuff in that shed, but that will keep for another day. I put the table in the living room; I dusted it down outside but probably needs something of a scrub before I lug it upstairs. I left in in the way in the hope that "er indoors TM" might scrub it whilst I was at work.
She didn’t.

We got the dogs organised and took them for a little walk. A few days ago a new geocache went live in Kingsnorth. It would be something to do this morning, and a little drive for Pogo is always a good thing. He needs to get used to the car.
We parked up at Kingsnorth village hall, and got well past the ongoing football match before letting the dogs off the leads. We didn't want them getting involved.
Amateur football leagues always make me chuckle; the players are constantly screaming abuse and profanities at each other. "F... Hell!!!" was clearly audible quarter of a mile from the pitch. Still, I suppose (if nothing else) they were doing football properly in that they were actually playing it and not watching it.

As the dogs pootled about we rummaged along the base of a fence looking for our geo-target. We couldn't find it. After fifteen minutes we gave up. I sent a message to the chap who'd found it the other day, and we walked our dogs round the fields. Those fields are a rather good place to walk the dogs. As we walked my phone beeped. A reply about that geocache. We had the right idea with base of fence, but we were told the given co-ordinates were a tad out. We went back. It turned out that I'd seen the thing. What I thought was a feather some thirteen metres from the given location was actually the string tying the cache to the fence post. Woops!

We came home; I picked up my sandwich box, and set off to work. The roads weren't overly busy; I made good time to Maidstone. A quick plate of broccoli cheese made for a good lunch, and then it was on with the work.
I suppose that bearing in mind how cold it was today, being at work wasn’t such a bad thing for a Sunday.

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