1 December 2018 (Saturday) - Another Late Shift

I’m pretty sure that new-next-door weren’t in last night as their dogs were barking, howling and screaming. Their noise unsettled our wolf-pack and everyone was restless. Their dogs finally shut up at five to three.
I then slept through till half-past eight despite rather vivid dreams in which Donald Trump had taken over the NHS and had converted out blood-testing laboratory into a jam sandwich factory. I wonder just what was going on in my subconscious to have provoked that? Sometimes I wonder what goes on inside my head, but usually I just go with the flow.

I got up and looked at my Lego Advent Calendar. Ever since 2010 I have regaled the world with what the voices in my head think about the Lego advent calendar. I must admit I do myself no favours with the thing; I bought this year’s one on 27 September; I’ve had two months to prepare something for my expectant audience. But I do Advent Calendars properly. I open each window on the right day and hope for the best. Some mornings I have instant inspiration; most mornings I find myself thinking “WTF” for much of the day.
Quite a few other people were showing off Advent Calendars on Facebook too. I like that sort of thing.
Mind you there were quite a few posts about how we shouldn’t forget that this Christmas is all about religion and not about having fun. Some of them were from church-goers; some from people who were presumably just trying to suck up to God.
I had quite a few emails this morning; most were drivel, but one told me that season three of “F is for Family” is now on Netflix. I liked that show. I wonder if this new season will be as good.

I played “Candy Crush” on Facebook and looked at Lego from the 1970s on eBay; all the time hoping the rain would stop so’s we could go out. I’d swapped from my rota-ed early shift to a late today so’s we could go to the Snow Dog event at the Julie Rose stadium, but the continuous rain rather put me off walking round the running track.

Needing some petrol I headed to the filling station in Brookfield Road. One hundred and twenty-five pence per litre sounded a bit pricey. I drove up the motorway to Sainsbury’s in Aylesford where they were knocking the stuff out at one hundred and eighteen pence per litre. That saved over three quid on the petrol and stuck twenty-five pence onto my Nectar balance. It pays to shop around.​
I then went in to work. Usually I have a little adventure on the way, but it was raining today and after the frankly awful night's sleep I'd had I wasn't feeling very adventurous. Braving the canteen was adventure enough for today. I had some pasta thingy; I thought I'd be healthy and take the vegetarian option.  I wish I'd gone for dead animal now.

Work was rather busy. Not that busy, but a lot busier than it might have been. It was a shame that the motorway was closed when I tried to come home.
On the plus side "er indoors TM" had bought me an apple turnover…

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