29 December 2018 (Saturday) - Flogging Stuff

Yesterday evening I unearthed my old astronomical web-cam. Sometime in February 2011 I spent a hundred and thirty quid buying a web-cam that would fit into a telescope so’s I could fart around taking photographs of things in space. It only took one frustrating night shivering in the darkness for me to realise what hard work doing so could be. And I only had to type “astronomical photograph” into Google to get far better photos that I or anyone on Earth could ever get (because you can get them direct from the Hubble space telescope). That web-cam has since been lurking behind my sofa gathering dust for seven years. I dug it out and dusted it off and had this naïve idea that I might sell it. Comparable things are on eBay for over two hundred quid. Last night I put it on several local selling pages, and this morning I woke to find it had garnered absolutely no interest whatsoever.
Mind you I did manage to shift it later. I shall squander the profit on a 1970s Lego café that I have had my eye on for some time.

Over brekkie I read something on one of the local Facebook community pages. Apparently a bunch of teenagers are causing havoc round the town. As usual the police aren’t interested (one can’t help but wonder why we have a police force); everyone is whinging and a couple of people were advocating being vigilantes. I wonder if it will come to that?
I had a look at the household accounts. Could be better; could be worse. Either way flogging that web-cam would be a bonus.

We drove round to collect "My Boy TM" and together we all went to “Go Outdoors”. Over the summer when I was looking for a trolley for my fishing gear no one was selling them for under two hundred quid. But when he wants one, “Go Outdoors” are knocking them out at sixty quid if you have a “Go Outdoors” loyalty card. He doesn’t have one, but his dad does.
We also had a look at B&M bargains as we were nearby. When I worked in Canterbury I was in that shop several times each week. I quite miss the place; it is sort-of a budget version of Aldi but with far more cheap tat that will end up in the dustbin.

The plan was to then drive on to Margate to see "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM", but with the most recent fruit of my loin being poorly we came back to Ashford. First of all to Angling Direct where I squandered some of my Christmas money on a rather good reel (for fishing). And then on to Brookfield café for a very tasty bit of dinner. Mine was rather good. A mixed grill of all sorts of meat… did I want chips or salad with it? Let me think…
I think the nice lady in the café made a mistake – she only charged twenty quid for the three of us. Something of a bargain.

We came home and took the dogs round the park. We met several other dogs. There was sniffing and playing but not a single fight (if you don’t count squirrels), which was something of a bonus.
There were several children trying out their Christmas bikes and scooters with varying degrees of success, the most entertaining of which was a four-year old screaming “how do I get off this stupid thing!

With dogs walked I fell asleep in front of the telly for an hour or so, then watched the classic film “Escape to Victory” which I seem to watch at about his time every year. And with telly watched I spent a little while going through a box of records that "er indoors TM" had found whilst tidying up. Bearing in mind we’ve not had a record player for years they must all be rather old. But back when we did have a record player I would play an LP once to record it on to tape cassette and then never play it again, so they must be in good condition. I went onto Amazon and eBay to price them up. It was rather odd – the ones I thought were crap were going for over a tenner. The ones I rather liked weren’t selling at all. I’ve made an album of albums. You never know – some might sell…

I’ve done some geo-sums for a short stomp through the mud tomorrow… I wonder what’s on telly?

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