23 December 2018 (Sunday) - Rain Stopped Play

I would have slept better if I hadn’t had to keep moving dogs seemingly all night long. They do make themselves comfortable at my expense. Much like I was doing to them, really.
I opened my Advent Calendar, then had some brekkie as I listened to the rain outside. We had plans for a walk today. We *could* have gone out… and got soaked through. One wet dog is a nuisance. Three wet dogs isn’t really practical. The walk will still be there when the rain stops.

I had a look at Facebook. There were some rather disparaging posts about Ashford’s new cinema. I can’t understand why anyone would build a cinema in this day and age. For the price of two people seeing one film you can get three months’ worth of Netflix. And watch it in the comfort of your own living room where the sweeties aren’t three times the price of Tesco and the Great Unwashed aren’t burping and farting all around you.

We took the dogs round the park. The needed a walk, and going round the park means they can go straight into scrub on finishing the walk, and we don’t find ourselves trying to have a crafty pint with wet muddy dogs running riot. As we went round the park we saw the kiddies Park Run was in full flow. A few dozen kids of various ages were being forced to run round the park by parents who should have known better. Not one child looked like they wanted to be there, and a few of the smaller girls were crying as they ran.
We met OrangeHead who wasn’t happy. Her dog had been wilful. That was brave of him.

Once home we scraped mud from the dogs, got on dry clothes, and drove out to Brenchley. The weather was certainly against a day’s walk, but we could still meet up and have the post-walk-pint though. The Halfway House in Brenchley is the ideal pub for the ale lover. With ten barrels of ale on, they do a rather good dinner too.
We kicked off with a pint of Tunbridge “Rustic”. Karl, Tracey and the girls soon arrived and we celebrated with a pint of Ringwood’s “forty-niner”. A pint of Young’s “Special” was supped as an aperitif, and then a rather good dinner of liver and bacon was washed down with a pint of the Gun brewery’s “Scaramanga”. And a plate of Christmas pudding was accompanied by half a pint of the Cellar Head Brewing Company’s “IOS 18”. There are those who might mock beer by the half-pint. Generally those who mock aren’t the sort of people who drink beer of 8.7% ABV.
It was such a shame that the weather had been against a walk today, but it was really good to have met up for dinner.
I slept much of the way back to Ashford.

Before going home we called in to say hello to "My Boy TM" and his entourage. We chatted for a bit; I fussed Rolo. He’s a good dog. I was offered a beer… if only there had been beer rather than lager.

"er indoors TM" has gone bowling. I shall make myself comfortable in front of the telly, and try not to doze off…

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