17 December 2018 (Monday) - Rostered Day Off

I slept reasonably well even if my phone did rattle and beep for no reason during the night. Over brekkie I posted my “book challenge piccie” (day three – “Brideshead Revisited) then had a look at the Internet. I got a tad wound up by what someone had posted on the local “Ashford” Facebook page in which he was listing all the local restaurants and was grumbling about businesses that aren’t in the town. This chap wasn’t at all happy that more restaurants were opening and seemed to feel that “someone” should do something about it. It annoys me that people don’t understand that this is how capitalism works; people set up their own businesses. If he wants a pet shop, or a book shop then he should start one himself. It’s no good whinging at a local council and a county council over things that are beyond their control.

There were also people complaining about the unfortunate lot of the local cyclists. They seem to be universally hated. While I have some sympathy for lycra louts, the cycling community isn’t entirely blameless. As I drove to work in the morning half an hour before dawn every day last week I lost count of the amount of cyclists that were all in black with no lights cycling all over the roads with no regard for anyone else.. Or take the middle-aged cyclist who flew along the cycle path at Singleton Lake on Saturday morning at 11am shouting abuse at pedestrians as he went because they were walking within two feet of the cycle path. Or the cyclist who swerved off of the cycle path in Viccie Park a couple of weeks ago as he tried to kick two different dogs for no apparent reason.

I got the dogs organised, and we went for a little walk round the park. Pogo tried to pick a fight or two as we walked up the road, but once we were at the wetlands park they came off of their leads, and the walk went rather better than I had been expecting. Whilst we didn’t actually play nicely with other dogs, we had a sniff, and there were no squabbles.
It was a rather good morning for a walk; the mist was rather pretty.

Once home I settled the dogs and set off to Tenterden. I had a plan. I would park in the car park on the left as I drove through and have a look in some of the shops. I would drive out to try to find a geocache which was up for resuscitation, and on the way back the Old Dairy brewery would then be on the left. That way I could avoid any right turns across Tenterden High Street.
I got to Tenterden as planned. I parked and went to the shops. I’ve never seen such a rude and ignorant bunch as the shop-keepers in Tenterden. They all looked at me as though I was something they’d just stepped in, and each one broke off talking to me in mid-conversation when another customer walked into their shops.

I drove down to Sedlescombe, totally failed in my geo-mission, and drove back. As I drove I found myself passing Sedlescombe vineyard. I thought I’d have a look in their shop.
Oh dear.
I didn’t get as far as the shop. The car park was on a forty-five degree slope. I didn’t fancy leaving the car there; I drove on to the Old Dairy brewery. I got some Christmas beer; I got some abuse from a passer-by because I was wearing my hoodie from the Ringwood brewery.

I came home via Sainsburys. I needed some lunch and some lagers for Christmas (just in case) and other bits and bobs. It only took twenty minutes to get into Sainsburys. The car park was a nightmare, and the shop was heaving. There is still a week to go until Christmas; you would think it was the end of the world.

I was *so* glad to get home. My little road trip had been something of a disaster. I scoffed some lunch whilst watching an episode of “Prison Break” and then sorted undercrackers until the washing machine finished. Then an hour was spent ironing shirts and trousers.

It wasn’t long before "er indoors TM" was home. We had a rather good bit of dinner, then with her off bowling I settled in front of the telly with the dogs.

I had so much planned for today’s rostered day off…

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