14 December 2018 (Friday) - This n That

I was *so* glad when the alarm went off this morning. I had been embroiled in a (literal) nightmare scenario in which Prince William had been shot by terrorists and (just like in “Doctor Who”) had regenerated into a transvestite version of Adrian Edmonson. I had been tasked by British intelligent to keep the news of “Princess Adrian” secret whilst “Princess Adrian” was loudly opening a primary school.
I wonder what my subconscious was trying to tell me there?

Over a bowl of granola I watched an episode of “People Just Do Nothing” before sparking up my lap-top. Facebook had made a friend suggestion to me. I won’t say wo the person in question was; let’s just say I knew him some twenty years ago; he was a manager at work. A slimy little weasel who got the elbow. The last I heard of him was that he was selling life insurance in Dover. He’s been suggested to me by the automated system at Facebook because he is Facebook friends with my cousin and an old school mate who both live in Hastings. I should have a word with them…
My in-box was equally devoid of anything of note, so I opened my advent calendar, got myself organised for the day.

As I walked to my car I had another look for that comet. I couldn't see it.
I drove off to work. As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about a leak from the on-going Brexit negotiations in Brussels where a meeting had been described as "bad". They were interviewing some Czech official who was quick to offer reassurances. A "bad" meeting isn't one which ends up in one big punch-up. A "bad" meeting is (apparently) one which starts off with no obvious clear outcome.
Surely the whole point of having a meeting is that there is no clear outcome to whatever is being discussed, and that the meeting is to discover that outcome? Presumably there are therefore "good" meetings which do kick off with the outcome already decided. I’ve been to some of those.
I can't help but wonder why anyone would ever waste time having a meeting that wasn't "bad", but there are those whose entire life is spent in meetings and seem to love it.

There was also a lot of talk about how the Army is seven thousand recruits short this year. Blame was a assigned to a failure of the company who looks after army recruitment. It was out-sourced a few years ago to an on-line system.  The on-line system was four years late in being delivered and is so complicated that potential soldiers are finding that applying is too much hard work and are giving up at the keyboard rather than at the assault course.

Work was rather good; we had sweeties. Today was “Christmas Jumper Day”. My Christmas jumper once had flashing lights. They are long broken now. Perhaps it is time to get a new Christmas jumper; I might shop about in the January sales.

I came home and walked the dogs round the block. "er indoors TM" soon came home with "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" who is staying for the weekend. He asked if we might watch “Lube-Tube” (as he calls “You-Tube”, and that entertained him for about five minutes…

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