28 December 2018 (Friday) - Radio, Telly

I slept reasonably well I suppose. Over brekkie I watched another episode of “Bottom” in which out heroes enjoyed “Sprouts Mexicaine” and found that little Dave Hedgehog’s daughter Doreen wasn’t actually Satan.

I sparked up my lap-top to see what (if anything) had been going on in cyberspace overnight. Yesterday evening I’d read an advert on Facebook on one of the local selling pages. Would I like to lose ten kilogrammes in a month? I asked how much it would cost and had received a private message of a whole load of corporate-speak. I again asked how much, and this morning was told it would be a shade under two hundred quid. Two hundred quid? I can lose weight by counting the calories and going hungry, and spend the savings on Lego.

With nothing else of note going on I got dressed and set off to work. As I drove through a rather dark morning I listened to the radio. Today's guest editor was Angelina Jolie who started the show off with a denial of an article run by yesterday's guest editor. Yesterday the pundits had been talking about the plight of some Arabian princess who was supposedly in fear for her life. Today they wheeled on this princess's solicitor who denied everything that had been broadcast yesterday (even though this chap admitted to never having seen her). There were several other articles which didn't grip my attention at all, and there was a rather harrowing expose on female genital mutilation in the Democratic Republic of Congo which I thought was rather graphic for ten past eight in the morning.
"Thought for the Day" was given by the world-famous archbishop Desmond Tutu who was a grave disappointment. He droned on and on, and he might as well have repeated the phrase "blah, blah, platitude" for five minutes for all the sense he made.
I wonder if the BBC might be better off re-thinking the idea of having guest editors; so far they haven't made for very interesting radio.

 I stopped off at Aldi for jam and went in to work. During a tea break I phoned my mum - it is her birthday today. She seemed well, which was a result.
Work was rather busy, and with my bit done I came home to find "er indoors TM" had made a rather good bubble & squeak which we scoffed with cold meats and stout. As we scoffed we watched the Christmas episode of “Trollied” which is apparently the last one which will be made. On the one hand it’s a shame they are calling time on such a good show. On the other hand it is good that the thing ends on a high.
We then watched “Alice in Wonderland”; a rather good film which I have watched before (on Thursday 17 January 2013) but apart from it featuring Matt Lucas as Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum I didn’t remember it at all. It was rather good…

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