2 December 2018 (Sunday) - High Halden

Last night was a much better night. Breakfast time was somewhat fraught though, with dogs barking at shadows. I wish they wouldn’t. It only needs one of them with a voice in their head saying “bark for no reason” and the other two (on hearing a bark) have to join in.
I uploaded the latest instalment of the Lego Advent Calendar, then we got ourselves together and drove down to High Halden for a little walk.

There are a couple of series of geocaches round High Halden; both ideal for a guided dog walk. And we had an excellent walk today. After the heavy rain of yesterday it was rather wet underfoot, but that wasn’t a problem. Today was the trial run of my new gaiters and they worked very well; unlike Charlotte’s wellies which didn’t. Mind you there were those of our party (Fudge) who just waded belly-deep in the mud because they didn’t care.
Pogo is still new to this “countryside” lark but he made the most of it; discovering the joys of eating sheep poo and rolling in something disgusting. Fudge (an old hand at this game) should have known better than to have messed with an electric fence. He did yelp when the thing zapped him.

Today’s walk was deliberately a short one; we were soon back at the cars and feeling in need of liquid refreshment. We had a look in the Chequers, but what is usually a rather good pub had become an haute-cuisine restaurant for Sunday dinner. So we drove up to the Bull at Bethersden. We settled down for a crafty half but Pogo wasn’t happy. It didn’t take long for us to realise that he was actually guarding the nearby pub’s door. Relocating away from the door soon solved this issue. A pint of MasterBrew, a pint of brown ale, a pint of Spitfire, more crisps than you could shake a stick at…. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Once home my phone beeped. An email. The fishing tackle shop had sent me a link to their “Christmas Deal of the Day”. A rather good fishing reel; fifty quid off, and out of stock. I suspect most of their stuff is fifty quid off when out of stock.
I then dozed until "er indoors TM" dished up dinner. A rather good bit of gammon.

With "er indoors TM" off bowling I got the ironing board out. It don’t iron itself… Ironing and an evening of Netflix. “The Good Place”, “F is for Family”, “Prison Break”… what with having done a few late shifts recently I’ve rather missed my telly…

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