6 December 2018 (Thursday) - Collecting A Parcel

Finding myself wide awake I got up rather than laying wide awake trying to sleep. For brekkie I had the last of the deluxe berry granola stuff. It was rather good, but (in all honesty) I rather expected to get more than four servings from the one packet of the stuff.
As I scoffed it I watched more “F is for Family”, then sparked up the Internet to see what had happened overnight. As it happened, for once not much had happened. Amazon had sent me several recommendations for books with recipes of various soups. They claimed this was based on items I’d previously purchased or reviewed from them. I don’t think so.
I opened my Advent Calendar, got dressed and set off.

As I walked to my car I watched a bus drive up the road. Usually the buses round our way have two or three passengers. This one was full. Standing room only; and this was at half past six in the morning. So many people up and about on buses so early. What was that all about?

Seeing how this is my last "routine" shift at Pembury before Christmas I thought I'd take in a tub or two of sweeties for everyone to share. I went to Asda; I suppose somewhere in the world there is a supermarket with a more morose workforce. Oh they were all *so* miserable.
With sweeties bought I drove to the car park by the sports centre. I had a parcel to collect from the sorting office and this was the closest car park. Seeing the traffic wardens lurking (they thought they were hiding) I paid for a parking ticket. I had been tempted not to; it was quarter to seven in a nearly empty car park and I would be there for only a very short while. But with the yellow peril lurking (actually they are green these days) I paid my one pound fifty pence (minimum fee) for ten minutes parking and I got my parcel. I've been waiting for that for two weeks; I shall mark the seller down on their eBay feedback. Two weeks is a tad long to have to wait when the stated expected delivery was last Friday

I drove off to work. Leaving Ashford ten minutes earlier made for much quieter roads. It is amazing how a few minutes makes all the difference in the morning. And with no road closures (for me) I had a good run in to work.
As I drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing the Prime Minister. I thought she might have taken the opportunity to be interesting, informative, and to sell her Brexit strategy to the nation. Instead she droned like a stuck record, told us that Parliament had three choices, and repeated that statement ad-nauseum for fifteen minutes. I didn’t bother listening for the full duration of the interview.
The pundits on the radio interview all sorts of people. It speaks volumes that the Prime Minister is one of the least interesting people they have on. Such a shame.

I got in to work. As the day went on so other people drifted in. There had been road closures to the north today which hadn't affected me but had affected seemingly everyone else.
As I worked I saw some stomatocytes. You don't see those every day. I shall write up the episode and tell one of the work-related Facebook groups about it. That should be good for an argument or two.

I came home via the KFC. With "er indoors TM" off at a funeral (and its aftermath) today I was left to forage for my dinner. In such situations I usually forage in the general direction of the KFC. I got a couple of extra crispy strips to share with the dogs as well.
We all scoffed whilst watching the last episode of the second season of “Prison Break”. A rather good show.

I should really open the parcel I picked up half a day ago… But I am taking a moral stance. My granddaughter has been given biology homework about the mechanics of the goolies. She is *far* too young to be dealing with that sort of thing…

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