5 December 2018 (Wednesday) - Stuck in Traffic

"er indoors TM" took a sick day yesterday; when I woke I toyed with the idea of doing the same today. This cold has dragged on and on. But I forced myself out of my pit. Over deluxe berry granola and full fat milk I watched “F is for Family” and then sparked up my lap-top. It had some urgent notifications about the software I never use. It does that.
There wasn’t a lot kicking off on Facebook really, but I did snigger when my cousin had told the world that when she went to drink her morning coffee she just had a cup of hot water as she’d forgotten to add coffee… then I remembered my coffee was still in the kitchen where I’d left it half an hour before.
I had a look at my emails. I liked the look of what the nice people at Ordnance Survey were selling, but when I clicked on the link my lap-top laid an egg. The anti-virus software said that Ordnance Survey’s web site was “very risky”. Who would have thought it of them?

I left for work just after seven o'clock on a wet and dismal morning. As I drove the pundits on the radio were talking about the government's historic defeat in Parliament yesterday. They interviewed an ex-chief whip who had voted against the Government yesterday and seemed to have taken great joy in sticking in the knife. From what I could work out from what he was saying, yesterday's (apparently) surprising upset for the Government has important implications. When (not if) the Prime Minister's plan for Brexit finally goes tits-up, Parliament can now bring in their own scheme.
Several politicians of various flavours were then wheeled on. It was quite clear that no one wants the Prime Minister's plan. Everyone is really pleased that Parliamentarians will now be able to implement their own plans for Brexit. The fact that no two Parliamentarians (out of over six hundred of them) agree on anything Brexit-related would seem to be irrelevant.

I made reasonable time until I got to Lamberhurst. Usually the traffic grinds to a halt a mile or so up the A21. I knew the road were going to be busy this morning when I ground to a halt some two miles earlier than usual. After half an hour (literally - from eight o'clock to half past eight) of not moving, it was announced on the radio that the A21 had been closed. That explained why the traffic wasn't moving and why nothing had come down the road toward me for half an hour.
You would have thought that whoever it is that closes roads would have put up a sign, wouldn't you?
Realising that I needed to get a shift on before the thousands (literally) of other drivers heard the news I managed to turn my car around and take the scenic route to work through the country lanes. Surprisingly not a single person followed me on my route or was already taking it. I drove straight from the monumental traffic jam to work without delay and was only quarter of an hour late.

Work was much the same as ever. I sniffled through the day. My nasal polyps have become *really* troublesome again. I spent quite a bit of time fighting with various medical receptionists trying to arrange to get them sorted. I've been told to make a phone call on Friday. I shall do that, and if that doesn't work I shall make a formal complaint. It has been my unfortunate experience that if I make a complaint, then things happen. If I don't make a complaint, then things just drag on.
I'd rather not complain...

I came home; the weather was awful. I spent most of the drive home with various idiots far too close up behind me with headlights on full-beam. Whenever possible I let these people pass; what kind of half-wit wants to drive along unlit country lanes in the rain at over seventy miles an hour?

"er indoors TM" boiled up a very good dose of scran, and we scoffed it whilst watching this week’s episode of “Doctor Who”. This season is getting better as it goes along…

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