13 September 2018 (Thursday) - Between the Night Shifts

During a tea break ​on my night shift I finished my e-book. I've now read the first four "Game of Thrones" books in e-format. I went to download the fifth... and stopped. The fifth e-book in the series costs fifteen quid. Fifteen quid - that's just a tad excessive, isn't it? Especially when there are plenty of other books to be read. I usually spend (at most) less than three quid on an e-book. Fifteen quid... I shall read something else. I will probably come back to "Game of Thrones" when it is a tad cheaper.

As I drove home the pundits on the radio were interviewing the Brexit secretary. With a “no deal” Brexit looking more and more likely the Brexit secretary has announced that in the event of a “no deal” Brexit, Britain won’t pay the forty billion quid it owes the EU. Politically it is a master stroke; all the chaos and disaster will be totally overlooked by the masses as they gloat at not paying this money to “Johnnie Foreigner”.

Once home I took the dogs round the park. As I posed the dogs for a photo of the fountain and the nearby snow dog some rather irate-looking woman marched up to me and wanted to know what the snow dog was all about. She seemed to think that because I was taking a photo of it I was in some way responsible for it. I explained all about snow dogs; she explained what a waste of money it all was. I speculated on what a miserable world it would be without the wonder of things like snow dogs and left her to her grumbling.
Silly old bat.

I went to bed. Today I tried something different. Usually when I go to bed during the day I give the dogs the run of the house. When they have a fit of the barking I then have to get up to tll them to shut up. Today when I went to my pit they came with me, so I closed the bedroom door. We only had one barking fit, and that was promptly shushed.
I got up after six hours and watched the last of “Orange is the New Black”. That’s seventy-eight episodes in six weeks; not bad going.
Finding myself now needing something to watch as well as read I’ve downloaded the e-book of “Orange is the New Black”. I just need to find something to watch now.

I spent much of today’s “awake time” being rather conscious of the date. As a child one of my favourite TV shows was "Space 1999" the first episode of which was supposed to be on September 13th 1999. The show first aired in 1975, and back then 1999 seemed so futuristic. Moon bases and regular space flight... the future hasn't turned out quite how we thought it might.
I got the DVDs of the show a few years ago... and promptly sold them on eBay - they hadn't stood the test of time.

I’m off to another night shift in a minute..

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