11 September 2018 (Tuesday) - Rather Dull

I was sleeping like a log when Treacle came up, stomped all over me, pushed me with all her might and made herself comfortable on my pillow. I hoiked her out of the way, but I was wide awake after that little episode and didn’t really get back to sleep.
I got up, fed grubby laundry to the washing machine and had a look at the Internet.

Yesterday evening I had something of a revelation. I’d forgotten that yesterday marked thirty-seven years (to the day) since I first started working in blood testing. With one rather nasty exception it hasn’t been a bad old game.
But… I went for a little walk in the countryside yesterday. I saw some rather beautiful (almost palatial) houses as we walked. These houses had their own lakes, tennis courts, swimming pools...
I’ve worked hard these thirty-seven years. I work weekends and nights. I work on Christmas day. I missed my daughter’s first eight birthday parties because I was working. I still live in a terraced house.
I asked on Facebook if I had I left it too late to become ridiculously wealthy? Quite a few friends kindly but firmly told me to shut my whinging and be grateful for what I’ve got.
I suppose they are right. I don’t have a bad old life really. But I *really* do want to have far too much money.

I got the leads on to the dogs and we went for a little walk. We drove out to Lenham for geo-reasons, finding one cache and not finding another. And with our walk taking far less time that I had thought it would I drove down to Brede to have another look for that cache we didn’t find on Saturday. I found it after about two minutes. We then drove into Westfield and had a little pootle about before coming home where both dogs went to sleep.

As the dogs snored I got the washing in. Despite the BBC giving a two per cent chance of rain, it was raining. And then my phone beeped. Yesterday we met someone who claimed that the footpath through their land wasn’t a public right of way. Yesterday evening I sent the council an email about the matter and they had replied:
blah blah blah… Would you be able to clarify a point for me please? Is the landowner disputing the existence of a path across the land at all or that there is no link from the footpath on the road through to the footpath through the buildings.
If it is the former then it is something that we need to, and will follow up, if it is the latter then he is correct – there is no recorded public right of way between the road and the footpath, the stile having been installed for private access to the land.
Am I missing something here? How can there be a footpath which leads for a mile or so across fields, woods and a river up to a road, but has no public right of way from the end of that footpath to the road?

I then watched two episodes of “Orange is the New Black” as the dogs lay either side of me on the sofa. I amazed myself by staying awake throughout the lot.
"er indoors TM" came home. After dinner we went round to Arden Drive as we do. It was good to catch up with friends, and then I slept through “Bake-Off”.
I’ve had a rather good little holiday, but today was dull…

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