12 September 2018 (Wednesday) - Snow Dogs

The idea of having had the last week or so off work was to go on holiday to Turkey. Or so I thought. Somewhere along the line there was a mis-communication and no one else in the family had ever heard about going to Turkey this last week. Still, I’ve had a good few days off. I led a trip to the Red Sands Fort, I got a day’s fishing in, I hunted Tupperware, I got the lawn mowed and the house painted.
On the minus side I didn’t do pond maintenance, and I didn’t get the foreign day trip I’d hoped for, but you can’t have everything.

Over brekkie I had my usual look at the Internet as I do. Racial hatred was being posted here and there. It amazes me how people feel it is OK to post racial hatred on social media if they prefix it with “this is not racist” when clearly it is, or pretend there was a soldier involved. I told two so-called “friends” the error of their ways. I’ve told these two the error of their ways before.
I then messed about with “Bubble Witch Saga” for five minutes whilst Fudge snuggled up to me. He was particularly soppy this morning; I wonder what that was all about?

Despite the rain I got the leads on to the dogs and we went for a little walk. As we left the house I had a bit of a sulk on. Maybe I could have found a geocache for us to hunt out? A plain walk round the park was going to be dull…
Or so I thought.
When we got to the fountain I found a Snow Dog. Local businesses have sponsored the creation of a couple of dozen painted dog sculptures which have been put all over the town. Having found the one in the park I downloaded the app to my phone, and we spent an enjoyable hour or so hunting some of them out. I say “an enjoyable hour or so”; I enjoyed myself. A guided walk with a purpose is always good in my world. As we walked I took some photos. You can see them by clicking here and as you can clearly see, whist Treacle wasn’t really bothered one way or another, Fudge seemed totally bored with the things. Mind you he did piddle up a few of the Snow Dogs.
We found nine on today’s little walk. I believe they are in place for a month or so before they get auctioned for charity. I might find more on future walks.

We came home via the corner shop (I wanted a sandwich for lunch) and just as I got home my phone beeped. Yesterday’s blog entry had received a comment. Sometimes people comment on what I write; I welcome comments, if only so I don’t feel I’m ranting at myself. However you do have to log in via Google to comment otherwise I get inundated with spam. I deleted the comment I received today as it wasn’t really the sort of thing I like to get. However if any of my loyal readers would like to spend good money on a nudey sauce romp with a rather immoral young lady from Karachi do let me know and I will forward her details.

I took myself off to bed for the afternoon; I slept reasonably well. I would have slept better had the dogs not been constantly barking at shadows.
"er indoors TM" will be home soon. A bite of dinner, then I’m off to the night shift…

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