6 July 2018 (Friday)- Before the Night Shift

After the airport run on Wednesday evening I slept for four hours and woke up raring to go. Last night I slept for nearly nine hours and woke feeling like death warmed up.

As I scoffed toast I had my morning root around the Internet. I was rather amazed by the enthusiasm that several people were showing about this plan to fly a giant inflatable kite effigy of Donald Trump to take the piss out of him when he visits the UK. With so much wrong in the UK, why are so many people getting so worked up about Donald Trump. A little protest and a little effort could bring awareness to UK problems and maybe even achieve something. No amount of kite flying in the UK will do anything to resolve the problem of Donald Trump.
I also had an email from the pet microchip people to check that the details they had about Fudge were correct. They were. When we got Fudge we had him scanned and it was quite a performance to get his details updated. All the information on-line from his chip referred to his old home. It is all correct now; I wonder how many pets are chipped, but the information is never updated.

I got the dogs organized and we drove out to Great Chart. I had a couple of geocaches out that way which needed attention. We parked up and walked out towards Godinton. I had a Wherigo out there I’d been meaning to have a look at for some time (over a year!) It had gone. As had what I’d hidden it under. As Fudge did his own sweet thing I hunted about for a better hiding place; eventually finding one.
We walked on up to the river where both dogs spuddled, then walked on to one of my “Worten Wander” geocaches. As I’ve said before, when you hide a series of caches, it is the one furthest from the roads which gives you the problems. Worten Wander 11 had gone missing. We walked out there, and after quite the hike we found why people had been logging DNFs; the stile under which it had been hidden had been replaced with a kissing gate.
We (I) sorted the problem, and we (all of us) came back to the car via the river, and then drove out to another problematical film pot under a rock. This one had been hidden under a stile with a view to people then crossing the stile and following the footpath. However the footpath goes through someone’s garden, and that someone had large dogs running loose in the garden. I re-routed the geo-series and wrote in the cache description “do not cross the stile” but people weren’t reading the instructions. Does anyone *ever* read instructions? I generally don’t.
Hopefully moving the cache fifty yards away from the stile will stop people crossing it.

We came home. I found the back seats of my car were wringing wet where two damp dogs had been in the river. I expect it will dry out.
I did the geo-admin to tell the world what we’d done on our walk; two caches were easily sorted, but I had to log a ticket (as one does) about my Wherigo as I was unable to upload a valid GWZ file.
If any of my loyal readers have experience of uploading valid GWZ files…

I popped up to the corner shop to get a sandwich for lunch, and scoffed it whilst watching this week’s episode of “Gotham”. It was rather good; I just wish I could remember what was going on.
With “Hannah” programmed for tomorrow’s planned excursion I went to bed and (despite the heat) slept for a couple of hours. I then watched a few episodes of “Trailer Park Boys”; our heroes were having problems with “zomblies”.

"er indoors TM" should be home soon. She promised to boil up some dinner before I have to go to the night shift…

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