1 July 2018 (Sunday) - Another Hot Day

Even though I slept well I was still up and watching “Trailer Park Boys” at seven o’clock this morning. As I watched I set the dishwasher and washing machine to do their things. Dull, but they needed to be done.
The dishwasher worked hardest and finished first; as I waited to the washing machine to finish doing its bit I checked out the Internet. Not much had changed overnight really.

Continuing the theme of the week I did some dull housework. I emptied the shed of as much as I needed to (and as little as I had to) and got the new lino in place. As I fought with it I managed to drop a set of shelves on my finger. The nail has gone a rather impressive shade of purple.
I then turned off the pond filter and (with the help of "er indoors TM") got the splash pool out and pressure-washed it. I had hoped to remove as much of the stringy pondweed as possible; the pressure-washer didn’t touch the stuff. I had to pull it off by hand.

With "er indoors TM" off to Tesco I set up the garden for the afternoon; it wasn’t long before she returned, and hot on her heels were "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" together with Sam and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM". We had barby, we had beer… "er indoors TM" made some rather good skewers. After a little while Rachel and Brian joined us. We had more barby and more beer and put the world to rights. You can see what we did by clicking here.
Not a bad way to spend another of these hot days…

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