11 July 2018 (Wednesday) - Before the Night Shift

I slept through till after half past eight this morning. Something of a result.
I had a look at the Internet as I scoffed my toast. It was much the same as ever really. There seemed to be quite a lot of excitement about Donald Trump’s visit to the UK tomorrow. Admittedly the chap seems to be a twit, but is he *really* as black as he is painted? He’s been in business for most of his life, and I can’t help but wonder just how many journalists and press barons he’s had run-ins with and upset over the years. You would think that *someone* would have a good word for him?
There was also loads of “Come On Ing-ur-lund” for tonight’s upcoming World Cup semi-final.
No one seems to be aware that the Government is teetering on collapse…

"er indoors TM" went to work. I got one load of washing on the line and put a second load into the washing machine then took the dogs for a walk. Regular readers of this drivel may recall I had a fight with one of my Wherigoes last Friday. After a little struggling and wrestling with the software I emailed Geo-HQ. They said that they had lost all interest in the entire concept of Wherigo and suggested I might try Googling internet forums.
That was helpful(!) – It *they* can’t sort the problems with their own website, who can?

So I took the dogs out for a little walk, fetched back the new cache I’d put out last Friday and put another new one as close as I possibly could to where the old one was. I then wrote a description on the cache page to explain what the software won’t do. Let’s hope this fix works.
As we walked Treacle was a problem. Usually she is the one that stays close and it is Fudge who wanders off. Treacle scrambled through fences into fields of cows on three separate occasions today. She is terrified of pretty much everything; what has got into her?

We came home; I hung out more washing and fed my undercrackers to the washing machine. Whilst it chewed on them I downloaded some PQs to pass the time, farted about on GSAK (as one does) then popped up the corner shop for a sandwich which I scoffed whilst watching last night’s episode of “Gotham”. It was rather good, but the plot does seem to have slowed down a little. Perhaps it might make more sense if I binge-watched the lot.

I then went to bed for the afternoon. I would have slept more if Fudge hadn’t kept barking at shadows all afternoon. After three hours I gave up trying to sleep and came downstairs to shout at Fudge. As always he looked rather taken aback; he couldn’t see why I had the hump with him.
By now the washing machine had done its thing with my undercrackers, and I sorted them whilst watching “Trailer Park Boys”. With undercrackers sorted I got the washing in. By now both dogs had forgotten their telling-off about barking and so were again woofing at absolutely nothing.

I GSAK-ed some more… "er indoors TM" will be home soon. I’ve had a look on-line. The England football match is starting at about the time I need to leave for work. The roads should be quiet if nothing else.
I wonder if the football will make for a busy night (whichever way the match goes…)

Yesterday was rather eventful. Today was a typical “pre-night-shift” day; basically watching the clock until it was time to go to work.

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