2 July 2018 (Monday) - Yet Another Hot Day

An hour after new-next-door’s dogs had had a nocturnal woofing fit, our wolf-pack kicked off for no reason. "er indoors TM" went and sorted it; I kept quiet; Someone had to. They all (eventually) went back to sleep leaving me wide awake.
I gave up trying to sleep and watched an episode of “Trailer Park Boys” until everyone else got up.

I did my usual look at Facebook over brekkie, and my piss boiled (it does that). Some people use Facebook to tell the world what they have done, some use it to share jokes… more and more I’m seeing less of the fun and more of the attention-seeking and self-pity.
It can be rather depressing.
It strikes me that in life we all have a major decision to make. Everyone’s lives can suck sometimes. We either make the most of it, or we don’t. I too *could* whinge incessantly. Most of the time it hurts when I move. It is only a matter of time until my left knee needs surgically swapping out, and at that point it would make sense to replace my left hip as well as that give my gyp too. I *could* fuss incessantly with one of these memes about no one knows what anyone else is going through, or I *could* make the most of the (relatively) few years left to me. Whichever I chose will still leave me hurting when I move, but one of the choices will have me smiling more than the other.

I got all three dogs leaded up and we went for a walk. As we go up the road every morning various dogs often bark at us from the safety of their windows. After the umpteenth barked at us today I was struck by a revelation. When we walk we meet some dogs; a couple of dozen maybe. But nowhere near as many as bark at us from various windows. Over the last few months and years we’ve walked at all sorts of times during the day. Bearing in mind that Viccie Park is *the* obvious place to walk a dog, why haven’t we met more dogs? Don’t all these dogs that bark at us get to go for walks? Thinking about it I’ve not seen new-next-door take their dogs out. Four neighbours ago there were three dogs living next door who were the size of cart horses; they *never* went for walks.
Are all these people neglecting their pups, or am I walking my hounds too much?

Bearing in mind today was supposed to be another hot one we’d started our walk early so we could finish our walk early. And with our walk done I hung out washing, emptied the paddling pool, scrubbed out the barbecue and loaded up the car with rubbish for the tip. Fifteen seconds to type; an hour to do. I was glad to do a tip run today; over the weekend I used the sun’s heat to dry out those half-dried tins of paint so I could legally dispose of them (as opposed to just chucking them in the bin like everyone else does).

I had some geo-maintenance to do in the Park Farm area, so whilst I was there I went to Tesco to get new trainers for work only to find they didn’t have any. Tesco doesn’t cater for anything over a size eight in a man’s shoe. They claim they do, but they never have any. They are the same for trousers. Nothing they sell comes close to my midriff.
So I went to Matalan. I should have gone there as I drove past the place when I was driving to the tip. Whilst in Matalan I also got the DVD of “Trainspotting II”. I watched the film over lunch, and with lunch scoffed I watched it as I did the ironing. The film wasn’t as good as the original, but it wasn’t bad. Which is probably what can be said for most sequels.

Having emptied the paddling pool in the morning it was ready to deflate by mid-afternoon. It was surprising how long it took to put away. I got far hotter doing that job than I intended; I spent much of the rest of the afternoon dozing until "er indoors TM" came home. She boiled up pizza and chips, then went bowling. I took the opportunity to turn on the telly and watch Demelza’s heaving bosom. For me, that is the star of Poldark…

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