26 July 2018 (Thursday) - Still Too Hot

On the one hand there was no barking frenzies until five o’clock this morning. On the other hand there were quite a few barking frenzies after five o’clock. I did think about the neighbours but one side has their own dogs barking at night, and I will listen to the other side’s complaints about noise when her infernal piano falls silent.
Perhaps things might have been less woofy had "er indoors TM" not opened the window I deliberately closed.

I gave it a couple of hours then got up. I had my morning look at the Internet over brekkie. Nothing of note was on Facebook. I had a look at LinkedIn for once; they are forever bombarding me with emails so I thought I would have a look-see. It was filled with people posting supposedly inspirational bollox. Do people *really* believe this sort of meaningless management-ese rubbish? I don’t know *anyone* who doesn’t just roll their eyes at the drivel I read this morning.
Surely LinkedIn is “The Emperor’s New Clothes” for the twenty-first century.

Since the weather forecast was for it to be rather hot by the mid-morning I took the dogs out early. Yesterday I mentioned I met someone who knew me; that happened again today. As we walked from Bowens Field toward the park some woman smiled and said hello. She clearly knew me – I had no idea who she was.
I got to the park to see a poster on the park’s notice board saying that the Friends of Victoria Park had started a Facebook group. I’d join it if I could only find it. Mind you I’ve emailed the Friends of Victoria Park before and had no reply. A shame really – a “friends of the park” group could be such a good idea.
Mind you it could equally well be one big argument.

It was starting to get hot when we got home. The dogs had a drink (as did I) and then it was time for Treacle’s medicine. Yesterday’s antibiotic capsule went straight down with a piece of cheese. Today’s didn’t - she spat it out. Twice. So I pinned her down and rammed it down her throat. She didn’t like that very much. The Metacam is easier to get in to her, being in liquid form. The veterinary nurse had suggested I squirt it on her food; I squirt it down her throat – that way I can be sure she’s had it.
I then did a BTLP-TACT exercise for CPD (as one does when one feels the urge) and with that done I turned the telly on.
I quite like “People Just Do Nothing” on Netflix even if it is *so* obviously based on Ricky Gervais’s “The Office” (even down to the David Brent character). Perhaps I watched a tad too much telly this morning – usually I have a little adventure before the late shift, but today was just too hot to do anything.

I set off for work. As I drove up the motorway I was again amazed at the miles of barriers and bollards which were closing off the slow lane. I couldn't help but wonder why - there wasn't anyone working on that stretch of the road.
I drove into Aylesford Aquatics to get some jollop for clearing the garden pond - yesterday I noticed that it was getting rather murky. I blame the excessive sunlight of this recent hot spell. It was *hot* when I got out of my air-conditioned car. I was glad I'd decided not to go do anything before work.

I went into work where I went to the hospital canteen for the third consecutive day.  McDonalds would have been cheaper, but the hospital canteen is quicker and has the element of surprise - you don't know what's on the menu until you get there. Today it was some chicken-y-pasta-y thing. It went really good with runner beans and carrots. I wonder what it was?

I then did my bit (as I do) and came home as the temperature began to cool.
Today was dull…

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