4 May 2015 (Monday) - Home Again

After yesterday's rain I was hoping for a better day in which to break camp. I wasn't disppointed. Bright sunshine combined with ongoing strong winds meant that the tents were all dry before 7am. So we took full advantage and cracked on with getting camp packed away.
Despite half an hour's geo-diversion we were still packed away by shortly after mid day. How easy it is to write that..

We said our goodbyes to all, came home and it wasn't too long before everything was back in storage. We collected "Furry Face TM" from his little holiday with "My Boy TM". Apparently he'd mostly behaved himself apart from an episode in which he'd dug up the cucumber plants. Woops.

Fish and chips made for an excellent tea, and then as "er indoors TM" caught up with episodes of "Gotham" I uploaded the photos I'd taken over the weekend. And then snored quite a bit...

It's been a busy weekend...

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