5 May 2015 (Tuesday) - Lawn, Nettles

After four terrible nights sleep during none of which (despite a serious drinking session before each) I managed more than four hours, I slept for nearly nine hours last night. The wonders of a CPAP machine. Realistically I need a battery pack for that device, or I can only camp where there is electrical hook-ups in future.

Despite a rather damp start to the day I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk; he tends to get rather fractious if we don't go first thing in the morning. Today we went on a rather longer walk than usual (and we are used to long walks). We went down to Coleman Kitchen Wood. There is a geocache up a tree in that wood that I can't reach. I can get to within four feet of the thing, but no closer.
I'd heard tell that it had blown down in the recent storms. Taking the line that if it's not been officially disabled it remains fair game we set off and claimed our find.

We came home via Singleton Envirnment Centre where we had the place to ourselves. I liked that. We continued past Singleton Lake where my canine associate got overly familiar with a terrified labrador, and came home via Viccie Park where we met a mad woman picking stinging nettles. She asked me if I wanted any; apparently there was plenty for everyone. She'd heard on the radio that you can make very good compost from stinging nettles. I asked her from which radio station she had gleaned this pearl of wisdom. I suppose it would come as no surprise to any of my loyal readers that she picked this up from Radio Four.
I did mention that she shouldn't beleive all that she hears on there, but she was sold on the idea of stinging compost. She had some wierd notion it would keep the cats away.

Before we'd gone out I'd fed some laundry to the washing machine. I hung it on the line in the garden and realised the grass was about a foot high. I spent an hour attacking the lawn; and eventually gave up when three quarters of the way through. My back was hurting too much. I had a plan to go back later but never did. Instead I put more washing on the line, put more washing into the washing machine and had lunch. I grated the left-over stilton from camp over some left over nachos that I found in the cupboard. The packet said they were best before last January, but what does the packet know? Over lunch I watched last night's "Game of Thrones" in which Nudey Dragon-Girl remained obstinately clothed.

I then washed out the barrel in which we took beer to camp, and set about the household accounts. For some obscure reason I've not been billed for the last two months insurance on the "er indoors TM"-mobile. That's a nice little result.
In between times I also washed out water containers that we never used, and then looked at the remaining uncut quarter of the lawn. As I looked at it so my back twinged a little. It will still be uncut in a few days time.

Having Wherigo-ed over the long weekend I found myself again Wheri-enthused and activated the software. There was an embarrasing few minutes in which the anti-virus kit identified the Wherigo-writing software as malware, but I think I've got it all going again. I'm working on a virtual game of noughts and crosses; but after a while I hit a rather serious stumbling block.I sat and started at it for a few minutes, and decided to come back to this idea later.

The Rear Admiral visted to collect his tent, and we sat and gossiped for a few minutes over a cuppa. "er indoors TM" came home and helped me with getting the top-box off of my car. She then "politely enquired" about the state of the lawn. I suppose I'd better finish it off or she'll be on my case.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered in Willesborough. We put the world to rights, speculaated on immoral buses, and then slept through "The Flash".

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